The Parlor Songs ACADEMY Materials Usage Policy


We are pleased when our readers extend to us the courtesy of respecting our work and performance efforts for the material found on our site.


In the case of academic use:

We openly encourage the use of our material in all academic settings and provide for full use of material on our site for any educational purpose within an academic setting (as compared to commercial training use. ) With that in mind, any teacher, professor or other academic professional may use our materials (text, images and MIDI files) in any curriculum where it may be useful (history, music, social studies, web sites etc.) with no fee or special permissions required. We simply ask that our site be acknowledged as the source and credited in accordance with accepted source citation guidelines. Where practical, a link to our site is appreciated but not required. Such link can be as simple as:


<B>Materials &copy; The Parlor Songs Academy. Used with permission from the <A HREF="">Parlor Songs Academy Web site</A></B>


Students researching essays or other assignments may also use images, text or music from our site in their completed assignments in accordance with the same requirements (Proper citation and acknowledgment with web site URL: )


Though not required in academic settings, we would sincerely appreciate a simple notification that you have used our material and a short explanation of the context.


Important Note: Some of our articles use material from other sources and we have attempted to always credit other sources used. If you happen to use material from our site with embedded material from elsewhere, be sure to include the credits we cite.


For non commercial, personal web site usage you may quote our articles or use images as long as you properly credit us and link to us. MIDI files may not be altered nor de-encoded so as to obliterate copyright information and source. Such activities will be pursued with vigor. You must provide a citation of us as the source and a link to our site. You may use the above htm example or anything similar as fits your site layout DO NOT link to midi files on our site for play on your site. To use MIDI files you must download the file and place it on your own server. Use of our bandwidth to enhance your site is unacceptable and simply discourteous.


In the case of personal or noncommercial web site use, we REQUIRE a notification that you have used our material and the web site address where the material is used.


For commercial use such as but not limited to CDs, magazines, commercial web sites, television, radio (With the exception of PBS or NPR for whom the academic use policy applies) or other commercial media use of our materials may be free or for a fee depending on the context. In those cases please contact us via e-mail.

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