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A Bit O' The Irish, Revisited

On at least two other occasions, we've celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the contribution of the Irish to American Popular song. Those prior issues were quite some time ago (March, 1988 and March, 1999). Since then, a lot has changed at Parlorsongs and we've acquired many more songs, our commentary has expanded and our music has improved (we hope you agree). So, after a three year absence, we thought it high time to bring back a bit o' the green and celebrate the Irish one more time.


As we said then, and it seems worth repeating now; "The Irish have always played a prominent part in and have made huge contributions to the music and culture of America. A major part of that contribution has been a large number of wonderful Irish ballads and songs about Ireland. The millions of Irish immigrants who have blessed our shores have not only brought wonderful values and a sense of humor but they have also brought music to us that is now as much a part of our society as it is of thier own. Celebrate these wonderful people and their music as we honor the patron Saint of Ireland and the Irish State's national Day this month.



As with most of our features, this month's is covered on two separate pages to speed your downloads and to avoid a mile-long page. Be sure to see them BOTH to fully enjoy all of this month's music!

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Works on Page One
No Irish Need Apply, 1863
My Wild Irish Rose, 1898
Where The River Shannon Flows, 1906
Arrah Wanna, 1906
My Irish Girl, 1911
When I Dream Of Old Erin
, 1912
Danny Boy
, 1913

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Works on Page Two
When It's Moonlight In Mayo, 1914
She's The Daughter of Mother Machree
, 1915
I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay
, 1915
If I Knock The "L" Out Of Kelly, 1916
Macnamara's Band, 1917
Pull The Cork Out Of Erin, 1917
I Love To Hear A Good Old Irish Song, 1919

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