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For five years we have presented you with a monthly sampling of the American popular music that was played in the parlors of virtually every home in America during the period when the home piano was king of the hill. There is no doubt that the music we feature was played in millions of homes day in and day out for many, years. Home based music was the primary form of entertainment in the days before the Victrola and the radio. Not only were many homes blessed with an accomplished pianist, but often other instruments prevailed also allowing many families to play ensemble pieces as a family event.

For those whose skills exceeded the ordinary, there were many arrangements of classical works by the musical masters of the past (and present) and though popular music was probably the rule, classical works found their way into many homes and added a dimension of musical exposition that went beyond the fun of the "pops." In some cases, the works were reduced to simple arrangements, however in most cases, the works required a high level of skill.

This month ParlorSongs brings a little class to you with a sampling of some of the popular classical works that graced the parlors of America during the late 19th and early 20th century. Most of the works presented this month are complex works that would have required great skill. If you follow along using the scorch player, you will be able to see the complexity and skill required.

As with most of our features, this month's is covered on two separate pages to speed your downloads and to avoid a mile-long page. Be sure to see them BOTH to fully enjoy all of this month's music!

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Works on Page One
Overture to Egmont, Beethoven
Hope In The Lord, Handel
Spring Song, Mendelssohn
Wedding March, Mendelssohn
Invitation To The Dance, Von Weber
Ave Maria, Mascagni

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Works on Page Two
Flower Song, Gounod
As Thro' The Street, Puccini
La Traviata, Prelude to Act 1, Verdi
Menuet, Paderewski
Roses From The South, Strauss

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