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February, 1998 Edition, Featured Covers

This month, I am featuring love songs in celebration of Valentines Day. Music has always seemed to be one of the best ways to convey the emotion of love. That is no less true today than in the 19th century and early 20th century. Many of the songs from the collection are love songs. The songs of the 10's and 20's were sweet and coy. Many of the lyrics were innocent but with a hint of mischief. Unlike today's rather rude lyrics, these were more indirect and only hinted at what songs today come right out and shove in your face. Let's enjoy the kinder gentler musical Valentines of the period. This month's gallery will also feature just love songs.

Our guest submission this month is a unique piece of music from an incredible collection that has been shared with me by Don Taddia from Memphis. This collection has such startlingly beautifil covers, I will be featuring several of these works over the next few months.

Angela Mia

Angela Mia (My Angel)


Music by: Erno Rapee Lyrics by: Lew Pollack
Cover artist unknown.

This 1928 hit is from the William Fox movie production, "Street Angel". Film music has always been popular, ever since the very first talkie. Many of the works in the collection are from films.

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Rose of My Heart

Rose Of My Heart


Music by: Leo Friedman lyrics by: Milton Weil
Cover Artist: Unknown

This work is a typical love song from the early 20th century.

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(Means Remember Me)


Music and Lyrics by: Harry Hanbury, Art Conrad & Frank Gillen
Cover artist: unknown

This is one of those great 20's Fox-trots that gets your toes a tappin' and your mouth a hummin'. This tune is one that to me is memorable. This particular song is out of Canada.

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For My Sweetheart

For My Sweetheart


Music by: Walter Donaldson Lyrics by: Gus Kahn Cover artist: Starmer

Gus Kahn is one of the greatest lyricists of this century. He collaborated with virtually every one of the great song composers and his career spanned from the turn of the century into the 50's. There was a great movie made about his life starring Doris Day and Danny Thomas. The inset photo here is of Fisher & Smith and is inscribed; "in popular sonology".

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And Now, for February, another great guest submission!

The following piece was submitted by one of the "fans" of the Forward collection. Don Taddia is a co-worker of mine at FedEx. He recently acquired a superb collection of near mint condition sheet music from the period when sheet music was in its glory days. This collection is so good, I will be featuring several works from his collection over the next months.

If any of you have works you would like me to include in future editions, please E-mail me with the details.

Let's Be The Same Old Sweethearts

Let's Be The Same Old Sweethearts


Music by: Betty Bellin & Will Livernash
Lyrics by: Beth Slater Whitson
Cover Artist: Slater

Don Taddia discovered a treasure trove of old music while in Pittburgh. He and his wife went to an estate sale and discovered a dirty box covered with an inch of dust and dirt in the basement of the old home. Inside they discovered over 300 pieces of sheet music. Many of the works are in mint condition and are of obscure works that surely are valuable collectors items. Don graciously has shared these works with me.
This month we feature "This obscure song. The inset photo is of Lela Livernash and oddly enough, the publisher and co-writer of the song is Will Livernash. The publisher is Will Livernash.
Be sure to visit next month for a closer look at the "Taddia" Collection.

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