When I Was Twenty One
Written and Composed by Harry Lauder.
Published 1918 by T.B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter.

[Verse 1]
Oh' I'm not so young as I used to be when I was in my prime
Altho' I'm turning auld and grey I've had a lovely time
To kiss a bonnie lassie I was never shy,
The lad that doesn't love a lassie is not the real McKay.

Oh when I was twenty one,When I was twenty one,
I never had lots o' money but I had always lots o' fun,
Oh' I was a harem scarum and my courting days begun,
On the very very verry nicht, When I was twenty one.

[Verse 2]
Oh' I only wish that I were twenty one again the noo,
I'd like to tell ye a' the nicht what I would like to do
I'd like to start my life again in some secluded place,
With some bonnie lassie that would let me chew her face.


[Verse 3]
Oh' I used to court a bonnie lass her name was Mc Hwee
I got very fond o' Mack, and she got fond o' me,
I think she was the sweetest thing because she used to say
You're very yumy yumy with you're fascinating way.