Just A-Wearyin' For You
Words and Music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond
Published 1901 by Carrie Jacobs-Bond

[Verse 1]
Just a-wear-y-in' for you, All the time a-feel-in' blue,
Wish-in' for you wond'-rin' when You'll be com-in' home a-gain.
Rest-less, don't know what to do, Just a-wear-y-in' for you.

[Verse 2]
2.Morn-in' comes, the birds a-wake, Used to sing so for your sake
But there's sad-ness in the notes That come trill-in' from their throats.
Seem to feel your ab-sence, too, Just a-wear-y-in' for you.

[Verse 3]
Eve-nin' comes, I miss you more When the dark gloom's round the door,
Seems just like you or-ter be There to o-pen it for me.
Latch goes tink-lin', thrills me through, Sets me wear-in' for you