I Think I'll Get Wed In The Summer
Words and Music by Harry Lauder
Published 1919 by T. B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter

[Verse 1]
Sometime ago I'd a cold in the chest
And the doctor advised me to go for a rest
So I went to the coast for a couple o' weeks
The weather was fine and it coloured my cheeks

I went for a sail ev'ry day I was there
I didn't care weather rainy or fair
The last sail I had was a bumping success
I got acquainted with Nelly McNess

So I think I'll get wed in the summer time,
I think I'll get wed in July
I think I'll get wed when the roses are red
And the weather is lovely and dry.

Hand in hand together we'll stand
at the altar united to be.
Sweethearts forever and ever
My Bonnie wee Nelly and me.

[Verse 2]
I'd like to picture this lassie o' mine
Her hair is like silk and her lips are like wine
Her shoes they are two's and her Bonnie blue eys
They twinkle always like the stars in the skies

She sings like a birdie that's building it's nest
She's a thing that's good whe's a thing that's best
She's almost as perfect as perfect can be
She only needs one thing and that one thing is me.

[Verse 3]
Since I met Nelly the fun has been great,
I meet her each night at a quarter to eight,
Then we both go for a walk up the glen
But always get back about twenty to ten.

Then we stand at the gate and we plan and we plot
What we will do with the money she's got.
Last nicht I told her I thought that she should
Hand it to me so she promised she would.