Taking A Trip Up The Hudson
On A Moonlight Night.
Words and Music by James Thornton.
Published 1902 by Howley, Haviland & Dresser, N.Y.

When the summer's aglow, and the wealthy folk go,
Seeking pleasure in lands o'er the foam,
Ev'ry laddie and lass, of the poor working class,
Find plenty of pleasure near home;

For the world has no sight, like the Hudson by night,
Even Switzerland cannot compare.
With its mountains serene, looking down on the scene,
How I wish once again I were there.

Taking a trip up the Hudson,
Gracefully gliding along,
Watching the beautiful mountains,
Soft winds ahumming a song;

Sweethearts are whispering love words,
'Neath the pale moon's silv'ry light,
Taking a trip up the Hudson on a moonlight night.

As we sailed down the stream, it all seemed like a dream,
As I watched the stars twinkle and shine,
With her head on my breast, her brown hair I caressed,
And whispered love, will you be mine?

I suppose you all guess, that her answer was "Yes,"
Two years now she's wearing the ring,
But her sweet smiling face has lost none of its grace,
And she's teaching the baby to sing.