The St. Louis Cyclone
Music by Geo. Evans
Words by Ren. Shields
Publication and Copyright 1896 by Justus C. Douglas

In the city of St. Louis on a busy afternoon,
Just before the ev'ning shades begun to fall,
The streets were filled with people
who were coming home from toil,
No danger seemed to threatten them at all;
Each one was smiling gay as they strolled along the way,
The world to them had never looked so bright,
When a cyclone with roar down the streets and byways tore,
Leaving sorrow and destruction there that night.

Many heart are aching, Many homes forsaken,
Many loved ones gone forever more;
Wives and mothers weeping, At the harvest death is reaping,
As it travels on its way from door to door.

Verse 2.
In a cheery little cottage on the outskirts of the town,
There a dear old grayhaired mother sat alone,
She had the supper ready and was waiting for her boy,
She knew that he would soon be coming home;
The weary hours rolled by, but alas! he never came,
Her lonely watch she kept till morning light;
She'll ne'er see him again, for the boy she watched in vain,
Like other mothers on that fatal night.