Words and Music by: IRVING BERLIN
Published 1913 by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.

[Verse 1.]
Ev'ry one's excited down at my house,
Ev'ry one's delighted there,
Soon you'll be invited down to my house,
Down to a joyous affair,

Can't you see I'm happy, happy and gay,
See the look of joy in my eye.
You'll never guess why I'm feeling this way,
So here's the reason why,

Somebody's coming to my house,
Somebody's coming to stay,
Father feels so happy he's jumping with joy,
All he keeps saying is "I hope it's a boy."

Welcome is waiting the stanger,
Who'll come to brighten our lives,
I can hear mother croon He'll be president soon,
When the cute little stranger arrives. rives.

[Verse 2.]
Ev'ry thing is quiet down at my house,
We must tiptoe through the hall,
Soon there'll be a riot down at my house,
When someone starts in to bawl,

Auntie said "We'll call it 'Lizabeth Jane,"
Sister looked at auntie and smiled.
Dad said Elizabeth's fine but I hope
It's not that kind of a child.