Words and Music by Cecil Mann
Publication and Copyright MCMV by Old Dominion Music Co., NYC

The Slocum had left the sunny pier,
With its crowd of laughter and song,
Hundreds of children with mothers and friends,
Joined in a merry throng,
With baskets of dainties with hearts light and gay,
They froliced and danced in glee,
Thinking of naught but pleasure,
As the ship glides on to sea.

But Oh the awful ending No words can ever tell,
Hundreds of beautiful children doomed,
Listen to their death knell,
Fire, fire, fire, It swept from deck to deck,
Mothers clasping their loved ones went down in the Slocum wreck.
Now hushed and heavy is ev'ry heart,

New York bows down in grief,
Thousands mourning for loved ones gone,
Oh what will give relief,
Homes left vacant of mother, brothers and sisters lost,
No words can paint the pieture,
Or count the fearful cost.