She Is The Sunshine Of Virginia
Music by Harry Carroll
Words by Ballard MacDonald
Published MCMXVI by Shapiro, Bernstein & Company

[Verse 1]
Somewhere a heart is calling,
In Virginia far away,
Where the bluebird's mating,
There my sweetie's waiting,
I'm returning home today,

If you've got a heart within "ya,"
My little girl is bound to win "ya,"
Just like the sunshine of Virginia!

All the little flowers nod their pretty heads,
When my sweettie passes by,
All the little birdies in the trees,
Honey bees, Hum and sing and ev'rything

and All the little children on their way to school,
Meet her and greet her with a smile,
Is it any wonder that I love her,
When like the sunny skies above her
She is the sunshine of Virginia.

[Verse 2]
There in the Blue Ridge Mountains,
In Virginia far away,
There my heart is lying,
Where the pines are sighing,

I am longing for the day,
When off to the church I take her,
My little wife for life I'll make her,
She'll be my sunshine of Virginia.