Does This Rail-road Lead to Heaven?
Words and Music by Miss Lucy A. Schleif arr. by Harry J. Lincoln
Published 1906 by Vandersloot Music Co.

[Verse 1]
It was at a railroad station,
The train was going west,
A pretty little girl had come aboard,
Taking a seat that was vacant
she then sat down to rest,

For the train had started and it westward soar'd.
The conductor came for tickets and with a voice sincere,
She said, "I have no ticket sir, I fear."
Said the kind genteel, conductor
"Where are you going, pray?"

And this is what I faintly heard her say:

{Choruses 1 & 2]
Does this railroad lead to heaven,
Conductor do you hear?
I wish to go to mamma, and to my papa dear,
For they both have gone up yonder,
beyond the sky bright and blue,

I'm so glad that I'm on this train, sir,
Going to He'ven with you.

[Verse 2]
"Who will pay your fare," he said "dear?"
She with a smiling face, Said
"On the he'vnly road I need not pay."
As I listened to her story, the tears came on apace,
And ev'ry head was bowed as if to pray.

The conductor quit his mission and quickly I could trace,
The tears course down his pale and saddened face,
And as I heard him murmur, "Your fare you need not pay,"
To this again I faintly heard her say:

[Verse 3]
While the train was speeding swiftly
I heard the whistle call,
A danger signal, piercing through the gloom,
And the crash that came so quickly,
struck terror to us all,

My thoughts were of the poor child's awful doom.
It was in the wreck I found them,
with hands clasped side by side,
His last trip too, for life had from him fled,

And tenderly I raised her while life's blood ebbed away;
Just faint and low at last I heard her say:

[Chorus 3]
Yes, this railroad leads to heaven,
Their voices I can hear.
I'm going to my mamma, and to my papa dear,
I can see them both up yonder,
above the sky bright and blue,

I'm so glad I rode on your train, sir,
Going to He'ven with you.