Words and Music by GUSSIE L. DAVIS
Published 1895 by Spaulding & Gray

[Verse 1]
The aged pastor bowed his head
within the altar rails,
His hands were tremulous with age,
his sight and hearing fails;

But now the leaders of the church,
the influential clan,
Had called on him to yield his place,
to hold a younger man,

In tears he spoke of mem'ries sweet,
of dim and distant days,
Of forty years of constant toil,
of pain, and pray'r and praise;

Of children christened by his hand,
who stood before him still,
While some reposed beneath the flowr's
upon the distant hill.

Sad was the scene, many eyes filled with tears,
Asked to resign, where he'd preach'd forty years,
He gave them his blessing in tones soft and kind,
And fond hearts were aching, when the pastor resigned.

[Verse 2]
The saddened people silent sat,
as he resumed his chair,
While rays of sunshine softly fell,
and played upon his hair;

The organ broke the silence then
with sweetly solemn roll,
With "Rock of Ages," ol, yet new,
to ev'ry saddened soul,

The people rose to be dismissed,
the pastor lingered still,
And smiling, looked out at the graves
upon the distant hill;

But when they sought with gentle touch,
to wake the musing mind,
They found that death had call'd him home,
their pastor had resigned.