Please let Mother come Home again.
Composed by F. A. ALEXANDER, arr. TOM MELLOR.
Original Copyright unknown, pre 1900

[Verse 1.]
Daddy, dear daddy, why do you sigh,
Each time you gaze at my mother's frame,
You know she's an angel up in the sky,
How I would love to have her home again;
My teacher at school only told me today,
That God hears a little child's prayer
So out in the playground I went on my knees,
And said as I gazed in the air;

Please let mother come home again,
We want her, daddy and I.
Please let mother come home again,
Back from your beautiful sky,
She is an angel I know very well,
You will know her for Maggie's her name.
I can see that my Daddy is breaking his heart,
So let mother come home again.

[Verse 2.]
Daddy,I've noticed each time you come home,
Your eyes always wander to dear mother's face.
Was she so good dad? I was so young,
I cannot remember her here in this place.
Let us kneel down dad and I'll say a prayer
A prayer to the one that's above,
To send home again to my daddy and me
The mother we so dearly love.


The man, brokenhearted, The tears falling fast,
Joined in the most fervent prayer of his life.
"I'd for give all her faults," he tenderly cried,
"Oh! what would I give to see my dear wife!"
he had ne'er told his child his wife ran away
And left him nigh mad with despair;
The door slowly opened, the mother appeared,
As she entered she heard her child's prayer.