Lost On The "Lady Elgin."
Words and Music by HENRY C. WORK
Original Copyright & Publication 1861 by H.M. Higgins, Chicago

Verse 1.
Up from the poor man's cottage,
Forth from the mansion door;
Sweeping acros the waters,
And echoing 'long the shore;
Caught by the morning breezes,
Borne on the evening gale;
Cometh a voice of mourning,
A sad and solemn wail.

Lost on the Lady Elgin!
Sleeping to wake no more!
Number'd in that three hundred,
Who fail'd to reach the shore!

Verse 2.
Oh! 'tis the cry of Children,
Weeping for parents gone:
Children who slept at evening,
But orphans woke at dawn.
Sisters for brothers weeping,
Husbands for missing wives.
Such are the ties dissever'd
With those three hundred lives.

Verse 3.
Staunch was the noble steamer,
Precious the freight she bore;
Gaily she looosed her cables,
A few short hours before.
Grandly she swept our harbor,
Joyfully rang her bell;
Little thought we, 'ere morning,
'Twould tell so sad a knell.