The Iroquois On Fire.
Words and Music by ZELLA EVANS
Publication and Copyright MCMIV by Zella Evans, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Verse 1.
The Iroquois playhouse, lo, so beautiful and grand,
Was crowded with a merry throng that day.
That fatal day that sorrow brought throughout the far wide land,
When changed to death and terror was the play.
Now sparkling eyes and laughing lips oh see the sudden change;
The lips grow pale the eyes in terror stare
As o'er the crowd roars suddenly the flaming avalanche,
And hideous death terrible death is there.

The sad wild scenes I saw that day I never shall forget,
A mother cries to God above to save her darling yet,
While men were fighting fierce and wild 'gainst unrelenting fate,
Their doom is sealed their fight for naught and every help too late.

Verse 2.
The cry of fire changed at once the scene of mirth and glee
To untold horror which no man can paint,
When anguish and despair made minutes to eternity,
When after prey, the flames more gained and gained.
So many young and blooming lives were crushed beneath the feet,
And of its sunshine robbed so many homes.
For ever they are gone from us but some day we shall meet,
They wait for us above in heaven's dome.