Music by E. Clinton Keithley
Words by Jack Frost
Published 1915 by Frank K. Root & Co.

[Verse 1]
When the Northern sunset is glowing,
Way down South my whole heart is going,
Where the cotton grows,Where the Swanee flows,
There's a girl named Dixie Rose.

'Mid the sweet magnolias perfuming,
Rose of Dixie sweetly is blooming;
Why am I so gay? 'Cause I'm on my way,
listen while I say:

I love the name of Dixie,
Dixie, my Home, Sweet Home;
I love Its sun- shine, I love its show'rs,
That's where I spent my happy, happy childhood hours.

When an- y- one sings Dixie,
My heart It shouts with glee;
For somewhere 'neath the southern sky,
Someone waits, and that is why,
I love name of Dixie.

[Verse 2]
Old time joys and scenes of my childhood,
Girls and boys who roamed in the wildwood,
Dear old Dixie days, And those Dixie ways,
'Round my heart their mem'ry stays.

No one knows how much I've been yearning,
For the time when I'd be returning;
Let the music play, Startin' right away,
I just want to say: