Hame O'Mine
Words and Music by Mackenzie Murdoch
Published 1920 by Ascherberg Hopwood & Crew, Ltd.

[Verse 1]
Away in the Northland, the land of the mountain,
There stands a wee hoose on the breist o' the brae,
The streamlet runs past like a clear chrystal fountain,
The lark in the cloud sings an ear hauning lay

Away in the wildwood the red deer is bounding,
The wind carries sweetly the scent o' the pine,
Afar in the valley the pibroch is sounding,
The scene of my childhood, That dear hame o' mine.

Hame o' mine hame o' mine where I dwelt in lang, lang syne
There's where my heart and my thoughts are forever,
A wee thackit cottage, That dear hame o' mine.
A wee thackit cottage That dear hame o' mine.

[Verse 2]
I sit and I gaze o'er the wide lonely prairie,
There's nought meets the eye on that far stretching plain,
In fancy I see thro' a mist, dear Glengary,
In fancy I see that dear cot, once again

Its walls shine like iv'ry, so dazzling its whiteness,
The old thackit roof is unaltered by time,
The rapids and prairie to me are delightness,
Oh! give me that wee hoose, That dear hame o' mine.