Hello Central, Give Me Heaven.
Words and Music by CHAS. K. HARRIS Arr. by JOS. CLAUDER
Published 1901 by Chas. K. Harris

[Verse 1]
Papa I'm so sad and lonely,
Sobbed a tearful little child.
Since dear mama's gone to heaven,
Papa darling you've not smiled;

I will speak to her and tell her,
That we want her to come home;
Just you listen and I'll call her
Through the telephone:

Hello Central, give me heaven,
For my mama's there:
You can find her with the angels
on the golden stair:

She'll be glad it's me who's speaking,
call her won't you please;
For I want to surely tell her,
we're so lonely here.

[Verse 2]
When the girl received this message,
Coming o'er the telephone,
How her heart thrilled in that moment,
And the wires seemed to moan;

I will answer just to please her,
Yes, dear heart,
I'll soon come home;
Kiss me, mama, kiss your darling,
Through the telephone: