Blue Diamonds
Words and Music by JACK CADDIGAN and CHICK STORY
Published 1920 by Jos. W. Stern & Co., New York

[Verse 1.]
I have found a treasure, worth far more than gold.
Mine to have forever, jewels of love untold.
Diamonds that nature gave me, gave me to have and hold.

Little blue diamonds heaven sent to me,
precious as can be, and so wonderful to see,
'Tho they are only little baby eyes,
They are beacons on the road to Paradise.

Little blue diamonds, all the world to me,
Rarest of all gems that shine.
God gave me Heaven's greatest pleasure,
When he gave to me this treasure,
Those little blue diamonds of mine.

[Verse 2.]
Time might change the future, take all joy away,
Leaving but a mem'ry of all I have today.
Still I will have one treasure, diamonds that live for aye.