Bella, The Belle O' Dunoon
Composed and Sung by Harry Lauder
Written by Harry Lauder and George Walker
Published 1921 by Francis, Day & Hunter

[Verse 1]
I've got a secret to tell ye th' noo,
I've got a secret to tell ye that's true.
And when I tell ye, don't go and tell,
I want ye a' to keep it to yersel'

I'm going to a weddin' the first in my life.
I've come to invite ye to meet my young wife.
I'm getting married two weeks today.
I'm changing her name from Mackenzie to MacCrae.

There's a bonnie wee face In a bonnie wee place,
A place I'm longing to see A lassie is waiting
With eyes so captivating,
She is, oh! so dear to me

She'll be full o' surprises In the morning
when she rises and she hears I'm in the toun
I am the fellah who's going to marry
Bella Bella the Belle O' Dundoon.

[Verse 2]
We met at a picnic, her smile was the thing
The thing that induc'd me to buy her the ring.
I would have bought her a gold watch as well,
'Cause just for luck I bought it for my sel'

But when we got married I'll buy her a lot.
When we get married, Ill spend all I've got.
Then when I've spent all I have on my dove,
We'll be living then on nothing else but love.


[Verse 3]
The first time I ask'd her if she would be mine
Is six weeks last Sunday at a quarter to nine.
It was exciting I'll no tell a lie
But she got agitated, so did I

She lean'd on my waistcoat, right on my heart.
It was a signal, so I play'd my part.
Creas'd her and kiss'd her "You've got me." she sigh'd
If she had refus'd me I believe I would have died.