Beautiful Ohio
Music by Mary Earl
Lyric by Ballard Macdonald
Published 1918 by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., New York

Long, long ago, Someone I know
Had a little red canoe,
In it room for only two.

Love found its start,
Then in my heart
And like a flower grew

Drifting with the current down a moonlit stream,
While above the Heavens in their glory gleam,
And the stars on high Twinkle in the sky
Seeming in a Paradise of love divine,

Dreaming of a pair of eyes that looked in mine,
Beautiful Ohio, in dreams again I see,
Visions of what used to be.

[Chorus second time through adds this duet part]

Drifting in the moonlight
While the Heavens gleam,
Ah------------------- Ah--------------
Seeming deep in love,
Dreaming of your eyes,
Beautiful Ohio in my dreams used to be.