O'er The Hill To Ardentinny
Written, Composed and Sung by Harry Lauder
Published 1921 by HARMS Incorporated

[Verse 1]
I can ne'er forget the days when I was in the West.
I can ne'er forget the times wi' her I lov'd the best.
Sun or snaw, or frost or thaw, my passion was the same;
The lass o' Ardentinny aye atracted me frae hame.

O'er the hill to Ardentinny,
Just to see my bonnie Jeanie,
Just to get one o' her smiles
I would walk a hunder' miles.

[Verse 2]
I can ne'er forget the day she promis'd me her hand.
I believe I was the proudest man in all the land.
She just wrote a simple note to say you've won my heart.
Come o'er to Ardentinny and we'll never, never part.


[Verse 3]
I can ne'er forget the day, the twenty sixth o' June
When the minister said "Bless ye!" I commenc'd my honeymoon.
grabb'd her round the neck and crumpled all her granny's lace,
Then tried to kiss her thro' her veil, but couldna find the place.