We'll All Go Hame The Same Way
Written and Composed by Harry Lauder
Published 1916 by T.B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter

[Verse 1]
You've all been at a party, you know the kind affair
Where you've only got to wash your face and decorate your hair.
Then all meet in the parlor and all sit roond the fire
And have a ginger beer or something strong if you desire.

Well,I was at a party like that on Thursday last
We had our tea and smoked and joked Till ten and then halfpast.
We were all so happy, we didn't like to part So I said, said I;
"I'll tell you what we'll do before we start:

"We'll all go hame the same way,
We'll all go up the hill.
We'll all go hame the same way, 'Round by the mill.
We've been bery merry Since we began at nine,
And we'll meet again some ither nicht For Auld Lang Syne."

[Verse 2]
You've all been at a party, you know the kind affair
Where ev'ry body's happy and you're glad that you are there,
You're sitting in the corner with her that you adore,
And ev'ry time you kiss her, the party shout; "Encore!"

Well, that's the kind o' party where ev'ry body's pleased
Where ev'ry fellow's happy, where ev'ry lassie's teased.
The lassies like the teasin', and the fellows like their fling
And just before we all break up It's nice to hear us sing:


[Verse 3]
I like a nicht like what had, we've I've loved it all my life
Where ev'ry fellow brings his lass and ev'ry man his wife,
Where ev'ry body's happy where no body's glum,
I think it's nice when we can chase our troubles up the Lum.

So, now I think afore we go,I would like to say,
We'll all think on this nicht we've had When miles and miles away.
And then when we all meet again, I hope that won't be long
We'll all be just as happy and we'll all join in this song: