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Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer, December, 2002 Al Jolson, Biography, December, 2002 Collecting Sheet Music About Us

The Blues , September, 1999

Blues or Pops?, April, 2007

Between Heaven and Hell, Songs about Heaven and The Devil, March, '06

American Popular Music, Part 1., January, 2002
Birds Of A Feather, Songs about Birds, April, '06

Broadway songs from the past; early Broadway music.
A Three Part series

Part 1: October, 2005

Part 2: November, 2005

Part 3: December, 2005

Classics In The Parlor, December, 2001 African Influence on America's Music, February, 2012
Cowboys and Indians, April, 2000
American Popular Music, Part 2 Bibliography Catalog
Dead Zone in American Popular Music, The, January, 2000
Anna Priscilla Risher Back Issues Our Publishing Policy
Dixie Melodies, songs about Dixie
January, 2006
Blues, The In Search Of Copyright Information
Dream Songs
E.H. Pfeiffer, The Cover Art of
Carrie Jacobs-Bond, Biography Links About our MIDI

E.T. Paull Masterpieces, July, 2001

E.T. Paull, The Music of, June, 1998

Charles K. Harris The Parlor Store About MIDI sounds

Enduring Hit Songs, 1890 -1910, January, 2002

Enduring Hits, Part 2, 1910 - 1920, February, 2002

Collecting Sheet Music Composer Biographies Getting the most out of our music.

The Erdmann Collection, Part 1, Music from the 1890's
November, 2010

The Erdmann Collection, Part 2, Music of the 1900-10 Decade
February, 2011

The Erdmann Collection, Part 3, Music of the 1911-19 Decade.
April, 2011

The Erdmann Collection, Part 4, Music of the 1920's
June, 2011

Minstrel Songs Old and New Published September, 2011   Submitting Articles and Materials for Publication, Guest Articles
European Popular Music, July, 2000 "Coon"Songs   Privacy Policy
The Gift Of Music, The Sylvia English Collection December, 2003 The Music Changed When the Lusitania Went Down, A very special video feature November, 2012   How To Contact us & FAQs
Good Old School Days, September, 1998
Growing Old & Aging, Music from the cradle to the grave, May, 2012 Cowboy Music   Use of our materials for Educational and private purposes
Home Sweet Home, Songs About Home, May, 2002 Western Music Comes to America, The Colonist Influence
July, 2012
Hats on The Covers, March, 2005
Honoring War Vets, November, 1997 (our second edition, updated September, 2006) Lost Verses, The, January, 2009    
How Does Your Garden Grow?, Songs about gardens, May, '06
Infidelity in Song, April, 2005
Irving Berlin, November, 1998 (Updated February, 2003) E.H. Pfeiffer; Cover Artist
In Praise of Children, music About Children, July 2003 E.T. Paull
Indian Maidens, Tin Pan Alley sings Indian (American) Love songs, June 2006 European Popular Music
Is It Wrong To Kiss? Songs about kisses and kissing, September, 2003 Flo Ziegfeld and The Ziegfeld Follies    
Just Good, Old Music, July, 1999 W. C. Handy, His Life & Music.    
Large Format Music, December, 1997 (our 3nd edition updated October, 2006) Songs About Disasters.    
Marches & Two-Steps, April, 1999      

The Marshall - Morrow Collection, 19th Century Musical Treasures
December, 2008

Music in Advertising

The Marshall - Morrow Collection, Part 2, Music of the 1840s

The Marshall - Morrow Collection, Part 3, Music of the 1850's

The Marshall - Morrow collection, Part 4, Music of the 1860's

The Music of World War One as Illustrated on Sheet Music

Part 1. American Music Goes To War
Part 2. "Over There"
Part 3. Coming Home

Monkey Business, Novelty Songs About Monkeys and The Jungle
October, 2003
Morality in Song,
February, 2006
 Music for Little Fingers, Songs For Children, Piano Pedagogy, June 2003 Music Printing    
Music from the Movies, July, 1998 Native American Music    
Music Magazines, May, 2001 Patriotic Music In America    
Music Of The American Civil War 1861-1865,
October, 2008
Percy Wenrich, biography    
Music Of The Depression, October 1998 Ragtime
Musical Valentines, February, 1998 Songs of The Sea, Sea Shanties    
Newspaper Supplements, October, 2000
Tin Pan Alley
Novelty Songs, October, 1999
Irving Berlin, Dean of American Songwriters    
ParlorSongs First Surviving Issue, October, 1997 (updated Aug., 2006)
Irving Berlin, Songs of the Young Master (Aug, 2009)    
Harry Von Tilzer, The "man who launched a thousand hits." Published February, 2004    
Percy Wenrich, The Music of, September, 2001
Albert Von Tilzer, Tin Pan Alley Pioneer Published March, 2004    
Planes, Trains & Automobiles, February, 2001
Music as Propaganda, A scholarly guest article. Published April, 2004    
Political Songs, November, 2002
George M. Cohan, That Yankee Doodle Boy Published July, 2004    
Racism in Music, August, 1999
Egbert Van Alstyne, His Life & Music. Published October, 2004    

Ragtime Revisited, June, 2001

Ragtime!, June, 1999

Victor Herbert , His Life & Music. Published November, 2004    
Ring My Chimes, Chime Songs, June, 2002    
Harry Lauder, His Life & Music. Published December, 2004    
Roaring Twenties, The, August, 1998
The Player Piano, The original High Definition recordings. Published November, 2007    
Rose Songs, August, 2001
Where do songs come from?Published August, 2008    

Salute to Hawaii, A, December, 1998

Salute to Hawaii, II, December, 1999

James Reece Europe, The Jazz LiutenantBiography and continuing focus on the African American influence on America's Music. Published January, 2013    
Saluting Dixie, April, 1998
M. K. Jerome Biography of one of America's greatest film and song composers. Guest article by the composer's grandson, Gary May, professor of American History. Published July, 2018    
Sheiks and the Deserts, songs about the mid-east, June, 2005 Rivers of Melody, the story of how America's rivers built the nation. September 2018    

Song Book Collections, January, 1998

Song Books, Vol. II, January, 1999


Songs About Asian Places
January, 2003


Songs About Ireland & The Irish, March, 2002

Songs of Ireland, March, 1999

Searching For The Irish in Irish Songs - The "Pluck" of the Irish March, 2012

Songs About Mothers, May, 2000
Songs About The Weather, May, 2007      
Songs of Spring, May, 1999
Songs Our Teachers Taught Us September, 2004      
Songs That Say "I Love You." February, 2005      
Songs With State Names, Part 1, Alabama to Iowa, March 2003      
Songs With State Names, Part 2, Illinois to Mississippi, May 2003      
 Songs With State Names, Part 3, Missouri to Oklahoma, August 2003      
  Songs With State Names, Part 4, Pennsylvania to Wyoming, November, 2003      
 South of The Border, Songs about Mexico and exotic places in the Americas, May, 2004      
Stars and Stripes, Songs about "Old Glory." July, 2006      
Sunday In The Parlor, Sacred songs in the home, April, 2003      

Summertime Songs,
July - August, 2005

Sunshine Songs , May, 2005      
Taddia Collection, May, 1998
Tear Jerkers, October, 2001

Tillinghast collection, a major collection donation to Parlor Songs
November, 2006
Part 1
January, 2007, Part 2
February, 2007 Part 3

Tin Pan Alley, March, 2000

Vanity Music, August, 2000
Waltzes, the waltz in American music, September, 2005      
Wedding Songs & Songs About Marriage, June, 2004      
Western Music comes to America, July 2012      
What's On The Back?, September, 2000
Women Composers/Songwriters, September, 2002
Women In Song, November, 1999
Women's Names in Song January, 2005      
WWI - Going To War, November, 2000
WWI - Over There, December, 2000
WWI, Part 3, January, 2001


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