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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
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Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location
Titles, E
Early In The Morning Blues 1922 Ray Brown, Ray Klages Brown & Klages May, 2005 Issue
Overture to "Egmont" ca.1900 Ludwig Van Beethoven piano solo December, '01 Issue
Ein Wiener Walzer 1920 Ralph Benatzky Benatzky July, 00 Issue
El Panette 1911 Aleardo Battisti piano solo July, 00 Essay
Ella Waltz, The 1848 Emily Wandell piano solo Music of the 1840s, Mar., '09
Ellen Bayne 1854 Stephen C. Foster Foster December, 2008
Eminent Dr. Fizz, The1901 Gustav Luders Frank PixleyOct., '05 Issue
Every Cloud Has Silver Lining 1905 H. Engelmann Harry M. Kramer January, 2007 Issue,
Every Girl Was Meant For Someone 1913Fred Heltman Conley Foster March, '05 Issue
Ev'rybody's Happy When The Sun Shines 1908 W . R. Williams Williams May, 2005 Issue
Everybody Do Your Bit 1917 J.E. Andino Arthur Bedard Nov., 2000 Essay
Everybody Two Step 1912Wallie Herzer Earl C. Jones March, '05 Issue
Everyone Was Meant For Someone 1906Evans Lloyd Jeff T. Branen March, '05 Issue
Evening (Brings Love Dreams Of You) 1919 Earl Burtnett Haven Gillespie Dec. 03 Issue
Ev'ry Morn I Bring Her Chicken 1903T. Mayo GearyHarry J. BreenFeb., '11 Issue
Ev'ry Time I Fall In Love 1944 Gordon Jenkins composer Feb, 98 Gallery
Titles, F
Song TitleYear ComposerLyricist Location
Face To Face 1898 Herbert Johnson JohnsonApril,'03 Issue
Faded Love Letters (of Mine)1922Luella Lockwood Moore, Will E. DullmageRichard W. PascoeSept., 2002 Issue
Fairy Band Mazourka, The1874 Pierre LaTourNone, piano solo June, 2003 Issue
Fairy Gardener's, The 1925 Cuthbert Harris Harris May, '06 Issue
Fairy Moon1911Charles K. HarrisHarrisApril, 01 Issue
Fairy's Cradle Song 1870 Irma Annette Bishop Jan., 00 Issue
Falling 1922 Will Collins, Ed. Cameron, Buddy Fields Collins, Cameron & Fields June, 2011 Issue,
Fatal Wedding, The 1893Gussie L. DavisW.H. WindomOctober, '01 Issue
Fate Of The Titanic, The 1912 Delbert Rhoades Rhoades

Dec. '97 Issue
March., 2001 Issue

Feather Your Nest 1920Kendis & Brockman, Howard JohnsonKendis, Brockman, JohnsonMay, '02 Issue
Fido Is A Hot Dong Now 1914 Raymond Walker Chas. R. McCarron & Thomas J. Gray March 07, Issue
Fiftieth Anniversary Odd Ladies March 1895 Nellie Miles Fritz Rotter Aug., 2000 Issue
Finest Flag That Flies, The1916 Harry RichardsonJoseph H. Hughes July, 2006 Issue
Fire Down Below ca.1815 Anon. Anon., traditional Songs of The Sea Essay, March '01
First Violet, The 1899 Olivier Lebierre piano solo May, 99 Gallery
Flag That's Yours And Mine, The 1909 H.A. Stone Stone July, '01 Issue
Flag Without A Stain, The1914 C. A. White White July, 2006 Issue
Flash, The 1869 Carlo Mora none Dec, 97 Issue
Flirtation Waltz 1910 P.A. Steck none Nov, 97 Issue
Flower Song fron "Faust" ca.1900Charles GounodGonoudDecember, '01 Issue
Folks Who Put On Airs 1863 W. H. Coulston Coulston September, 2011
Fools Rush In 1940 Rube Bloom Johnny Mercer March, 99 Gallery
For-Get-Me-Not (Means Remember Me) 1924 Harry Hanbury, Art Conrad, Frank Gillen Hanbury, Conrad, Gillen Feb., 98 Issue
For Me And My Gal 1917George W. MeyerEdgar Leslie, E. Ray GoetzFebruary, '02 Issue
For My Sweetheart 1926 Walter Donaldson Gus Kahn Feb, 98 Issue
For Old Times Sake 1900Charles K. HarrisHarrisNovember, '01 Issue
For The Two Of Us 1918 Harry Ruby Edgar Leslie Sep., 2000 Issue
For You A Rose1917 Gus Edwards Will D. Cobb Aug. '01 Issue

Piano Roll Edition, Nov.,'07

Foxy Quiller March & Two Step 1900 Reginald De Koven, arr. Ludomir Thomaspiano solo November, '05 Issue
Freedom (March)1911Harry Appel piano solo July, '01 Issue
Friends That Are Good And True 1905 Edmund Eysler Julius StegerOct., '05 Issue
Frisco Rag, The 1910 Harry Armstrong Bert Fitzgibbon, Billy Clark June, 99 Issue
Frog Legs Rag1906James Scottpiano solo June,'01 Issue
Frog Went A' Courtin' 1700 Anon. traditional Jan., 00 Essay
From Here To Shanghai 1917Irving BerlinBerlinJanuary, '03 Issue
From The Land of the Sky-Blue Water 1909 Charles Wakefield Cadman Nellie Richmond Eberhart June, '06 Issue
From You I'll Never Part 1906 Helen M. Trigg Walter A. Faulkner June, 2004
Funeral March For The Pet Bird 1913 Peter I. Tchaikovsky Piano solo April,'04 Issue
Funeral March to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln 1865 Mrs. E. A. Parkhurst piano solo October, 2008 Feature
Titles, G
Song TitleYear ComposerLyricist Location
Garden of Dreams 1909 Harry J. Lincoln Piano only May, '06 Issue
Genee Waltzes (from The Soul Kiss) 1918 Maurice Levi none, piano solo Sept., 2003 Issue
Georgette1922Ray HendersonLew BrownAugust 98, Gallery
Georgia Rose1921Harry Rosenthal Alex Sullivan, Jimmy Flynn March, '03 Issue
Geraldine Valse Hesitation1915 Henry Lodge Piano onlySept., '05 Issue
Girl From Mars, The1902Frederick W. Bowers Charles HorwitzOct., 2000 Issue
Girl Of Mine1918Harold Freemancomposer Dec, 97 Issue
Girl You Dream About, The 1896 Richard Stahl Stahl November, '06
Give Me A Ukelele1927Lew Brown, Gene Williams ComposersDec. 98, Gallery
Give Me The Right To Love You 1917 Abe Glatt Ben Bard Feb., 2007
Give My Regards To Broadway 1904George M. CohanCohanJanuary, '02 Issue
Gloom is Cast O'er All The Land, A 1865 Henry Schroeder Schroeder October, 2008 Feature
God Remembers When The World Forgets1913Carrie Jacobs-BondClifton BinghamJune, 00 Issue
God that madest Earth and Heaven 1903 Wilfrid Sanderson Reginald Heber, Richard WhatelyApril,'03 Issue
God Save Our Noble Union 1864 Charles D. H. Martin George W. Bungay October, 2008 Feature
God Save The King (My Country 'Tis Of Thee) 1740 Trad. French melody Henry Carey September, 2004
Golden Arrow1909Egbert Van AlstyneHarry WilliamsApril, 00 essay
Golden Days1924Sigmund RombergDorothy DonnellyJuly 98, Gallery
Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France1917Billy BasketteC. Francis Reisner, Benny DavisNov., 2000 Issue
Good-Bye France1918Irving BerlinBerlinJan., 2001 Issue
Good-Bye, Good-Luck, God Bless You1914Ernest R. BallJ. Keirn BrennanMarch, 99 Issue
Good-Bye Little Girl, Good-Bye 1914 Gus EdwardsWill CobbNov., 2000 Essay
Good Bye, Little Girl Of My Dreams1913A. Fred PhillipsRichard HowardApril, '02 Issue
Good-Bye, Teddy!1904John W. BrattonPaul WestOct., 2000 Issue
Good Gravy Rag1913Harry Beldingpiano solo June,'01 Issue
Good Luck To The Boys Of The Allies 1915 Morris Manley Manley April, '04 Issue
Good Morning Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip1918Robert LloydLloydNov., 2000 Issue
Good Old U.S.A., The 1906 Theodore Morse Jack Drislane July, '01 Issue
Going Up1917 Louis Hirsch Otto Harbach November, '05 Issue
Gott mit uns!1915Martin Schröderpiano soloJuly, 00 Essay
Got To Practice1917 Carrie Jacobs-BondBond June, 2003 Issue
Grafted Into The Army 1862 Henry C. Work Work October, 2008 Feature
Grand Fantasia on the theme of The Mocking Bird 1905 Arr. F. W. Meacham piano solo April,'04 Issue
Grandfather's Clock 1876 Henry C. Work Work September, 2004
Green Palms (Les Rameaux) ca. 1900 Jean Baptiste Faure Faure November, 2010 Issue,
Gypsy Love Song1898 Victor HerbertHarry B. SmithNovember, '04
Titles, H
Song TitleYear ComposerLyricist Location
Hail West Virginia 1915 Earl Miller, Ed. Mc Whorter Fred B. Deem Nov.,'03 Issue
Half and Half1914Arthur N. Greenpiano soloSep., 2000 Issue
Half Minute Songs 1911 Carrie Jacobs-Bond Bond February, 2006
Hame O' Mine1920 MacKenzie MurdochMurdochDecember, '04
Hard Times Come Again No More (From Memories of Stephen Foster folio)19th CenturyStephen FostercomposerJanuary, 98 Issue
Harmless Little Girl Withe The Downcast Eyes, The1896Gustave KerkerHugh MortonNov., 99 Issue
Harmony Bay1914Terry ShermanJ. Brandon WalshDec, 97 Issue
Harrigan 1908 George M. Cohan Cohan July, 2004
Hawaiian Dreams1916Herbert MarpleSidney CarterJan, 98 GalleryDec. 98 Issue
Hawaiian Lullaby1919Ethel BridgesDorothy TerrissDec, 98 Issue
Hear My Dollies' Prayer 1906Edward StanleyBurgess JohnsonJuly, '03 Issue
Hearts And Flowers 1898Theo. M. Tobanipiano soloJanuary, '02 Issue
Heathen Chinee, The 1870"F. B."Bret HarteJanuary, '03 Issue
Heaven Born Banner, The1906Gertrude HoffmanVincent BryanOct., 2000 Issue
He'd Have To Get Under, Get Out And Get Under1908Maurice AbrahamsGrant Clarke, Edgar LeslieFeb., 01 Issue
Heimweh (Longing For Home) ca.1900Albert Jungmannpiano soloMay, '02 Issue
Heinzelmänchen's Wachtparade1912Kurt Noackpiano soloJuly, 00 Issue
Hello Central, Give Me Heaven 1901Charles K. HarrisHarris

November, '01 Issue
(also March, 06)

Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land1918Jean SchwartzSam M. Lewis, Joe YoungDec., 2000 Issue
Hello Hawaii, How Are You?1901ComposerLyricistMay, 98 GalleryDec. 98 Issue
Hello Wisconsin (Won't You Find My Yonnie Yonson?) 1917 Harry Ruby Bert Kalmar, Edgar Leslie Nov.,'03 Issue
Hello Sandy!1925Joe SmithIsobel K. RobertsonAugust, 98 Gallery
Here Comes The Bride (The Girl Who Stole My Lovin' Man Away) 1912Albert Von TilzerLew BrownMarch,'04 Issue
Here It Is Monday And I've Still Got A Dollar1932Michael H. ClearyMose SiglerOct, 98 Issue
He's A Devil In His Own Home Town1914Irving BerlinGrant ClarkMarch, '06, Issue
He's A Rag Picker 1914 Irving Berlin Berlin June, 01 Issue
Hey! Mister Sunshine1944Charles WolcottRay GilbertJan. 99 Issue
Hiawatha1903Neil MoretJas. O'DeaAug., 2000 Issue
Hiawatha's Melody Of Love 1920George W. Meyer Alfred Bryan, Artie Mehlinger June, '06 and March, '05 Issue
High Cost of Loving, The1914 George W. Meyer Alfred Bryan November, '05 Issue
High Up On A Hill-Top1928Abel Baer, Ian Campbell, George WhitingcompsersApril, 98 Gallery
Jan, 98 Gallery
Hinkley Galop 1861 F. B. Helmsmüller piano solo August, '10 Issue
Hindustan 1918 Oliver Wallace, Harold Weeks Wallace & Weeks November, 2007
His Buttons Are Marked "U.S."1918Carrie Jacobs-BondMary Norton BradfordNov., 2000 Issue
Ho For The Kansas Plains 1856 James G. Clark ClarkMay,'03 Issue
Ho Hum!1931Dana SuesseEdward HeymanOct, 99 Gallery
Holy City, The 1892 Stephen Adams F.E. WeatherlyApril,'03 Issue
Home Again Blues 1921 Irving Berlin Harry Akst April 07, Issue
Home In Pasadena1923Grant Clark, Edgar Leslie, Harry WarrenComposersDec, 98 Gallery
Home Is Where The Heart Is 1896 John O'Shea O'Shea February, 2006
Home Coming March, The1908E.T. Paullpiano soloJuly, '01 Issue
Homeland, The 1900 E.W. Hanscom H.R. HaweisApril,'03 Issue
Homesick1922Irving BerlinBerlinFeb.,'03 Issue
Nov. 98 Gallery
Home Sweet Home 1829arr. Sir Henry Rowley BishopJohn Howard PayneMay, '02 Issue
Homeward Bound1917Geo. MeyerHoward Johnson, Coleman GoetzJan., 2001 Issue
Honey Boy1908Albert von TilzernoneMay, 98 Gallery
Honolulu Eyes1921ViolinskyDorothy ParkerMar., 98 Gallery
Dec. 98 Issue
Hooking Cow Blues 1917 Douglas Williams, W. C. Handy Williams April, 16 feature
Hope In The Lord (adaptation of Handel's Largo) 1877William MasonMasonDecember, '01 Issue
Horse Trot, The1912Uriel DavisPiano soloApril, 2011 Issue
Hot Time In The Old Town, A 1896Theo. A. MetzJoe HaydenJanuary, '02 Issue
How Am I To Know 1929Jack KingDorothy ParkerJuly 98, Issue
How Are You Goin' To Wet Your Whistle?1919Percy Wenrich, Francis Byrne, Frank McIntyreWenrich, Byrne, McIntyreSept., '01 Issue
How Can I Forget You (Dreaming Of You All The While)1903Harry VeronaVeronaApril, '02 Issue
How Can I Leave Thee 1851Carl CramerCramerJune, '09 Issue
How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm1918Walter DonaldsonSam M. Lewis, Joe YoungJan., 2001 Issue
Huckleberry Finn 1917Cliff Hess, Sam M. Lewis, Joe YoungHess, Lewis & YoungJuly, '03 Issue
Humming Bird1906Franz SchillernoneSep, 98 Gallery
Hurrah! Hurrah! For Cleve and Steve 1888 Henri Scoeller Gertie Jones Nov.,'02 Issue
Hurricane, The1906S.L. Alpert, arr. E.T. Paullpiano soloJuly, '01 Issue
Hymns of the Old Church Choir, The1907Alfred SolmanArthur J. LambFeb., '11 Issue
Song Title Year Composer Lyricist Location

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NOTE: All music files for songs published after 1923 are not available for listening due to copyright law. The links in this catalog will take you to the appropriate issue but music links for the MIDI files have been removed.
For more information see our policy page.

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