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August-September, 2008
Where Do Songs Come From?

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October - November, 2008
Songs of the American Civil War
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December, 2008
Introduction to the Marshall Collection

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The Lost Verses, Jan, 2009
How Songs Lost Their Verses

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March, 2009
Music of the 1840's

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June, 2009
Music of the 1850s

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August, 2009
Young Irving Berlin

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August 2010
Music of the 1860's

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November, 2010
Music of the 1890's

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February, 2011
Music of the 1900-10 decade

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April, 2011
Music of the 1911-19 decade

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June, 2011
Erdmann - Music of the 1920's

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September, 2011
Minstrel Songs & Minstrelsy

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The African Influence, a special Video feature
February, 2012

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The "Pluck" of the Irish
March, 2012

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May, 2012
Growing Old & Aging

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July, 2012

Western Music Comes to America
The Colonist Influence

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November, 2012
The Music Changed When the Lusitania Went Down
A Special Video Presentation

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January, 2013

James Reece Europe
"The Jazz Lieutenant"

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W. C. Handy
"The Father of the Blues"

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July, 2016

Songs About Disasters

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July, 2018

M. K. Jerome

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November 2019
- Swan Songs
Parlorsongs Final Issue


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