Bibliography of Resources

Variety Music Cavalcade - Revised Edition
1620-1961 A Chronology of Vocal and Instrumental Music Popular in the United States.
Mattfeld, Julius
Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1962
L.C. 62-16317

The American Song Treasury - 100 Favorites
Raph, Theodore
Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1986
(The Songs We Sang: A Treasury of American Popular Music, 1964)
ISBN: 0-486-25222-1
The Books of American Negro Spirituals
Johnson, James Weldon & Johnson, J.Rosamond
Da Capo Press, Inc. New York, 1969
(The Book of American Negro Spirituals, 1925)
(The Second Book of American Negro Spirituals, 1926)
ISBN: 0-306-80074-8
Rags and Ragtime: A Musical History
Jasen, David A. & Tichenor, Trebor Jay
The Seabury Press, New York, 1978
ISBN: 0-8164-9342-1
American Ballads & Folk Songs
Lomax, John A. & Lomax, Alan
The Macmillan Company, New York, 1934
Folk Songs of North America
Lomax, Alan
Dolphin Books, Gardin City, New York, 1975
ISBN: 0-385-04844-0
Favorite Songs of the Nineties: Complete Original Sheet Music for 89 Songs
Freemont, Robert A.
Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1973
ISBN: 0-486-21536-9
The Sheet Music Reference & Price Guide: Second Edition
Guiheen, Anna Marie & Pafik, Marie-Reine A.
Collector Books, Paducah, Ky. 1995
Jazz Away From Home
Goddard, Chris
Paddington Press Ltd. Ney York/London 1979
ISBN: 0-448-22367-8
The New College Encyclopedia of Music
Westrup, J.A. & Harrison, F. Ll.
W.W. Nortin Co. Inc. 1960
ISBN: 0-393-00273
The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music
Randel, Don Michael
Harvard University Press,Cambridge, Mass. 1996
ISBN: 0-674-37299-9
Harpers Dictionary of Music
Ammer, Christine
Barnes & Noble Books, New York, 1972
ISBN: 0-06-463347-0
The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians
In Twenty Volumes
Sadie, Stanley, Ed.
MacMillan Publishers, Ltd, London, 1995
ISBN 1-56159-174-2
The Larousse Encyclopedia of Music
Hindley, Geoffrey, Ed.
Simon & Schuster (Excalibur), New York, 1984
ISBN 0-671-80710-2
American Popular Song, The Great Innovators 1900 - 1950
Wilder, Alec
Oxford University Press, New York, 1990
ISBN 0-19-501445-6
The Gold In Your Piano Bench
Short, Marion
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. Altgen, PA, 1997
ISBN 0-7643-0184-5
Song Hits From the Turn of the Century
Charosh, Paul & Fremont, Robert A.
Dover Publications,Inc., New York, 1983
ISBN 0-486-23158-5
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Levy, Lester S., Ed.
Dover Publications,Inc., New York, 1984
ISBN 0-486-24662-0
The Saint Louis Blues and Other Song Hits of 1914
Marrone, Sandy, Ed.
Dover Publications,Inc., New York, 1990
ISBN 0-486-26383-5
Music In The United States, A Historical Introduction
Hitchcock, H. Wiley.
Prentice Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1969
Library of Copngress: 69-12821
One Hundred And Fifty Years of Music Publishing In The United States, 1783 - 1933
Fisher, William Arms
Oliver Ditson Company, Boston, 1933
The Rise And Fall Of Popular Music
Clarke, Donald
St. Martin's Press, New York, 1995
ISBN 0-312-11573-3
I Hear America Singing
Binkowski, Carol J. and Wenzel, Lynn
Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, 1989
ISBN 0-517-56967-1
Grace Notes In American History, Popular Sheet Music from 1820 to 1900
Levy, Lester
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK, 1967
Library of Congress: 67-24623
Covers of Gold, Collectible Sheet Music
Short, Marion
Schiffer Publishing Ltd, Atglen, PA, 1998
ISBN 0-7643-0105-5
The Roads of Melody
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie
D. Appleton & Company., New York, 1927

Memory Lane, The Golden Age Of American Popular Music
Wilk, Max
Ballantine Books, New York, 1973
ISBN 0-345-25096-6-595

The New Grove Dictionary Of American Music in Four Volumes
Hitchcock, H. Wiley and Sadie, Stanley, Editors
MacMillan Press Limited, London, 1986
ISBN 0-943818-36-2

Lissauers Encyclopedia of Popular Music In America
Lissauer, Robert
Paragon House, NY, 1991
ISBN 1-55778-015-3

History Sings
Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude
The University Publishing Company, 1940

All The Years Of American Popular Music
Ewen, David
Prentice-Hall, Inc, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1977
ISBN 0-13-022442-1

A History Of Popular Music In America
Spaeth, Sigmund
Random House, N.Y., 1948

Tin Pan Alley
Jasen, David A.
Donald I. Fine, Inc, N.Y, 1988
ISBN: 1-55611-099-5

Biographical Dictionary of American Music
Claghorn, Charles Eugene
Parker Publishing Co., West Nyack, N.Y., 1973
ISBN 0-13-076331

Men Of Popular Music
Ewen, David
Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, Chicago, 1944

The American History and Encyclopedia of Music in Ten Volumes
Hubbard, W.L., Editor
Irving Squire, London, 1908

The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz, 1900 - 1950
Kinkle, Roger D.
Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY, 1974
ISBN 0-87000-229-5

Popular American Composers From Revolutionary Times To The Present
Ewen, David
The H.W. Wilson Co., New York, NY, 1962
LOC Catalog Card No. 62-9024

The Pandora Guide To Women Composers, Britain and The United States, 1629 - Present
Fuller, Sophie
Harper Collins Publishers, London, 1994
ISBN 0-04-440936-2

Ragtime, Its History, Composers and Music
Hasse, John Edward, ed.
Shirmer Books, New York, 1985
ISBN 0-02-872650-2

Tin Pan Alley, A Chronicle Of The American Popular Music Racket
Goldberg, Isaac
The John Day Company, New York, 1930
No ISBN or LOC number

After The Ball, Forty Years Of Melody
Harris, Charles K.
Frank - Maurice, Inc., New York, 1926
No ISBN or LOC number

American Women Songwriters, A Biographical Dictionary
Grattan, Virginia L.
Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1993
LOC 92-32211
ISBN 0-313-28510-1

America's Music, From the Pilgrims to the Present
Chase, Gilbert
McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1955, 1966
LOC 66-23622

Introducing the Song Sheet
Westin, Helen
Thomas Nelson, Inc, Nashville, New York, 1976
LOC 75-40331
ISBN 0-8407-4325-4

They All Sang, From Tony Pastor to Rudy Vallée
Marks, Edward B.
Viking Press, New York, 1934

An Introduction To Popular Music Publishing In America
Feist, Leonard (signed by author)
National Music Publishers' Association Inc., New York, 1980

Tin Pan Alley, A Pictorial History (1919 - 1939)
Ian Whitcomb
Paddington Press Ltd., New York, 1975
LOC 74-0041-7
ISBN 0 7045 0119 8

Music of Black Americans, The, A History
Eileen Southern
W. W. Norton & Company, New York, 1971, Sercond Edition, 1983
ISBN 0-393-95279-7


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