Why Do We Need Your Help?

A critical part of our Association, and that of any public charity, is the support of the public through donations. Many of our donations come as additional sheet music for our archive. Other donations come through direct monetary support from people around the world. Monetary donations are critical to our survival as they provide the means to pay for our website and operations as well as occasional purchase of available sheet music critical to our archive’s completion. As an IRS designated 501(c)(3) public charity All donations are U.S. income tax deductible and we provide receipts and documentation for use when filing tax returns. Don't Forget, 10% of All Donations Goes to The Wounded Warriors Project.

What Do We Do?

1. Preservation
Parlor Songs is dedicated to the acquisition and rescue of the historic musical manuscripts that are a part of the popular music scene in America. We believe that our collection of 19th and 20th century music represents a unique grouping of manuscripts that will be lost to our culture and future if not saved through physical and digital preservation. The preservation and cataloging of these manuscripts requires more staff and equipment and your donations can help us with this effort.
2. Education and sharing.
Beyond the preservation of the documents, we feel it is vital to share these works of art through education and exposition. This is accomplished through articles about the music, composers, lyricists, cover artists and others who contributed to the early development of American popular music. These articles and essays also address issues of historical perspective and include publication on the World Wide Web, CD-ROM, lectures, books and other forms of information distribution.
3. Providing a forum for study and discussion.
We want to provide a forum for individuals and organizations with similar interests and purposes where they may share information, tips for acquisition, valuation, preservation techniques as well as helping to guide the standards for digital preservation. We are in the process of establishing a learning academy that will expand our educational focus and a forum for public discourse. For more information on this development, write to us.

Special Offer!Select any CD from our collection as our gift to you for your generous donation of $12 or more. Our efforts to preserve, catalog, scan and make our vast collection available to you cannot be completed without your help. Please help us out and make a donation now and get the enjoyment of listening to our American Musical Heritage for years to come.

Songs of the great war; a two Volume set, Volume 1 or Volume 2, 20 songs on each disc written about and for the World War One effort in America. Many not heard since 1918. If you would like both, a $20 donation makes them yours. If you would like the companion disc of Irving Berlin songs of the war, a $25 donation gets them all, both Volumes 1 & 2 and Berlin!

The Lost Verses, currently our most popular disc. Sung by Rich Beil, a treasure of old favorites. With period piano arrangements, you can now hear the songs as they were written and intended to be sung. Over the years, many familiar songs from the past have only been sung in the form of the chorus. As a result, many of the verses are simply long gone from our memories. Rich brings you many familiar songs you may have thought you knew. Now he will bring you the songs as you've probably never heard them; the "lost" verses.
Songs of the Young Master, Irving Berlin. Sung by Rich Beil and and our female vocalist, Debbie Purdue, this is another two volume set, choose either Volume 1 or 2 for a $10 donation and both for a $20 donation. Irving Berlin is one of America's greatest songwriters and one who wrote many favorites that are cherished to this day. These songs are from his early years many of which are still known today but the disc(s) also include songs you may have never heard.
Parlor Songs Favorites. This release is a compilation of the most requested songs from you, our visitors. Included is the single most requested work, The Robin's Return. The songs represent those for which the sheet music and sound recording has most often been requested. In CD-Extra format, included are printable PDF sheet music reproductions with original cover art and fresh clear notation exactly as first published. This is a spectacular value as the included sheet music represents a retail value of over $100! Note: songs are presented as piano solo only, no vocals are included.

Ragtime Piano Masterpieces. Another popular two volume set.Both discs include over forty minutes of non-stop Ragtime piano music from some of the greatest as well as lesser known composers of the early 20th century. These CDs also include a full set of the sheet music covers and score images in Adobe Acrobat format. CD are in the "CD-Extra" format that allows data and music to be combined on the CD. This is another incredible value as the sheet music on each disc have a retail value of $100! Either volume is yours for a $12 donation, both for $22

Make your donation here through PayPal's secure server. Credit cards are accepted and you need not have a PayPal account. Be sure to specify the CD(s) you want in return for your gift in the message section.

You can make a donation of any amount using this donate link. Specify the CD title(s) you want based on your donation amount and the above pricing.

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If you would like to submit an article about America's music for us to publish, go to our submissions page for information about writing articles for us. We also welcome suggestions for subjects for future articles.

Please Help Us Continue our Efforts with a donation. The Parlor Songs Academy. is a Tennessee unincorporated association. Donations go towards the aquisition of additional music, preservation of music, equipment and educational efforts. If you like what we do, please help us out. Donation funds are used entirely for the operating expenses of Parlor Songs and/or aquisition of additional music or equipment.

We realize that there are those who prefer not to transact financial matters on the Internet. If you would like to donate or make a purchase by check, email us for mailing information.
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