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Parlor Songs Sheet Music Reproductions

We know that many of you are musicians and want to play this wonderful old music yourself for your friends and family, or just for your own enjoyment. Of course, all of the music featured at parlorsongs is long out of print. To aquire this music is difficult, but now's reprint service makes it easy to get high quality reproductions. We create facsimiles (not photocopies, we call them reprints) of any of the public domain non-copyright material from our collection. We typeset them using a professional music notation program and print them on a high quality large format printer (or make them available as a PDF you can print.). We do not sell the originals from our collection. The cost of the hard copy is $7 (includes domestic US shipping, for international shipments contact us) or for the PDF, $5. The hard copy comes in a full size 8.5" X 11" fold out on glossy heavy (110 lb.) paper which also includes a print of the original cover (on the cover of course) and comes with a small 1/2 size booklet; a study score. We now accept credit cards through Pay Pal but do trust our customers so cash orders are welcomed. We produce the sheet music, ship it to you and if you find it acceptable, you pay us,otherwise you return the material.

If you would like a print of any of the music on our site, just e-mail us to place an order and tell me if you want a PDF version (we send as an e-mail attachment) or hard copy.

If hard copy, let us know the address to mail it to. Then it usually takes
less than a week to get it to you, depending on our workload at the time. If
by chance, you select an item still in copyright, we will advise you and will be unable to create sheet music for it. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

To Order Sheet Music

Simply e-mail us a list of the music you want and we will advise you of availability*, print it and mail it to you as fast as we can. We will even discount multiple copies so that your price will actually be less if you order more. We will quote you a final price and offer you the option of MasterCard or Visa payment or Cash at that time.


Pricing and payment:

Scores with up to 6 pages

1-5 scores, $6.00 each plus $1.00 shipping and handling (Domestic U.S.)
6-10 scores, $5.00 each plus $2.00 shipping and handling (Domestic U.S.)
More than 10, $5.00 each and free shipping.

Scores of more than 6 pages are $7.50 each plus $2.00 shipping and handling for up to five scores, more than five scores will add $2.00 shiping for every five additional scores. (For International shipping costs, please contact us.)

Parlor Songs Compact Discs

(December, 2002)

E.T. Paull
Piano march Extravaganza

Our latest CD including full PDF printable scores of all the works! Even if you don't like our music, getting 14 E.T. Paull printable scores at less than $2.00 each makes this a bargain. Improved sound and playing make this CD our best so far.

1. America Forever
2. Battle of The Nations
3. Ben Hur, The Chariot Race
4. Burning Of Rome
5. Charge of the Light Brigade
6. Custer's Last Charge
7. Battle Of Gettysburg
8. Homecoming March
9. Napoleon's Last Charge
10. Paul Revere's Ride
11. Ring Out Wild Bells
12.Roaring Volcano
13. Silver Sleigh Bells
14. Woman Forever March


Price: $20.00

plus $1.50 Shipping & Handling (domestic U.S.)

(For cash orders,
E-mail us )


Ragtime Piano,
Volume 2. 

Our latest Ragtime CD including full PDF printable scores of all the songs! Even if you don;t like our music, getting 14 printable scores at less than $1.00 each makes this a bargain. Improved sound and playing make this CD one of our best.

1. Tickle The Ivories, 1913
2. Good Gravy Rag, 1913
3. Pudge, Two-Step & March, 1905
4. Slivers, 1909
5. Tanglefoot Rag, 1910
6. Red Rose Rag, 1911
7. A Little On The Rag-Time, 1900
8. Oceana Roll, 1911
9. The Smiler, 1907
10. Ramblin Mose, 1903
11. The Russian Pony Rag, 1910
12. Pitter-Patter Rag, 1910
13. Dill Pickles, 1906
14. Frog Legs Rag, 1906

(shipping included)

Now! Special Price: $12.00

plus $1.50 Shipping & Handling (domestic U.S.)

(For cash orders,
E-mail us )

March Masterpieces For Piano. 

Our first CD production based on our edition featuring famous, and not so famous, marches from the turn of the twentieth century. Featuring eighteen great songs and over 48 minutes of stirring march music. (scores not included)

1. Honey Boy, 1908
2. Alagazam, 1902
3. The College Belles March, 1900
4. Donít Take My Darling Boy Away, 1904
5. Blue Bell, 1904
6. The Ben Hur March,, 1894
7. March of the Sardar
8. America, Hereís My Boy, 1917
9. The Cavalier, 1903
10. Billy Boy, , 1918
11. The United Musicians March, 1915
12. Uncle Sammy March, 1904
13. A Signal From Mars, 1901
14. Blaze Away, 1901
15. When Yankee Doodle Learns To Parlez Vous Francais, 1917
16. Sammy Sampsonís Sennegambian Band, 1903
17. March Victorious, 1919
18. America, I Love You, 1915

(shipping included)


Price Cut! $12 plus shipping and handling .

(For cash orders,
E-mail us )

Ragtime Piano Masterpieces

Our most popular CD, a rousing forty minutes of non-stop Ragtime music from some of the greatest composers of the early 2oth century. This CD includes a full set of the sheet music covers and score images in Adobe Acrobat format. Cd is in the "CD-Extra" format that allows data and music to be combined on the CD.

1. Dynamite Rag, 1910
2. The Daisy Rag,1914
3. The Louisiana Rag, 1918
4. Tatters, 1906
5. Alexanderís Ragtime Band, 1911
6. The Twelfth Street Rag, 1919
7. Canadian Capers, 1906
8. The Ragtime Engineer, 1912
9. That International Rag, 1913
10. That Mysterious Rag, 1911
11. Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody (Wake Me Up With A Rag) 1915
12. The Frisco Rag, 1910
13. The Cubanola Glide, 1909
14. The Smiler, 1908
15. The Russian Rag, 1918

(shipping included)

Price Cut! $12 plus shipping and handling .


(For cash orders,
E-mail us )

Angels Of Love

One of our newest and already, popular CD with nineteen romantic songs from the early 20th century. In the "CD-Extra" format, the CD also contains cover images and full score images for all the songs. Playing time, 43:10 (Piano only, no vocals)

1. The Angel of Love, 1911
2. When God Gave Me You, I Got More Than My Share, 1916
3. Just An Old Sweetheart of Mine, 1912
4. Girl of Mine, 1918
5.Dear Heart, 1919
6. Love Song, 1907
7. Down By The Old Mill Stream, Tell Taylor, 1910
8. Sweet Kentucky Lady, 1914
9. Melody of Love, 1903
10. Kiss & Letís Make Up, 1891
11. Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses, 1919
12. After The Roses Have Faded Away, 1914
13. Apple Blossom Time, 1920
14. Pretty Baby, 1916
15. Just A Girl Like You, 1919
16. Peg Oí My Heart,1918
17. Oh! What A Pal Was Mary, 1919
18. Kiss Me Goodbye With A Smile, 1924
19. The Beautiful Land of Somewhere, 1918

(shipping included)

Price Cut! $12 plus shipping and handling .

(For cash orders,
E-mail us )

All shipping costs quoted are for domestic U.S. shipments. International rates will be higher, contact us with your destination information for a quote for international shipping

For Cash orders or inquiries, e-mail us.


ParlorSongs Screen Saver

In case you just can't get enough of us, dress up your pc with our ParlorSongs Screen saver.
We've created a new ParlorSongs screen saver that works with Windows 2000, Me, Xp as well as 95 and 98 so unless you have a Mac (sorry), there's no reason you can't overdose on sheet music covers from ParlorSongs.

Self installing and accessible from your usual Windows display properties window, you can see over 50 of the best covers from our collection while you hear the music. Each image displays while the song's music plays for 30 seconds, then it's on to the next image. Unlike some screen savers, it takes nearly 30 minutes to view all the covers so you don't see quite so much repitition.

(above are actual photos of screen saver images)

Cost: $7, shipping included.

(For cash orders, e-mail us)

The obligatory fine print:

*availability of scores (sheet music reproductions) is dependent on copyist requirements in producing a score. In all cases, availability may be affected by the existence of a current copyright. If we are unable to fulfill your request due to copyright concerns, we will advise you and suggest alternative covers or scores.

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