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Since most music today is purchased online in MP3 format, for your convenience we have made that possible. Unlike iTunes and other sites, our songs can be purchased for only 50 cents each. Clicking on the "SeeInside" buttons below will take you to the"CompanionPage" for each CD. You'll then be given the choice of purchasing in MP3 format or having us make and send you the actual CD.
Our Vocalists
Rich Beil is a retired Marine officer and former college History professor. His interest in the music of Tin Pan Alley stems from his early childhood. American music from the past is his passion and he spends most of his time researching Tin Pan Alley song history, recording, and performing.
Deborah "Debbie" Purdue is a former freelance newspaper journalist who minored in piano music performance in college. She now serves as volunteer choir director at her church in Westland, Michigan, as well as church and parochial school keyboardist.
Instrumental CDs