Rich Beil

Richard Beil

Rich Beil is a retired Marine officer and former college History professor. His interest in the music of Tin Pan Alley stems from his early childhood. American music from the past is his passion and he spends most of his time researching Tin Pan Alley song history, recording, and performing.




Debbie Purdue

Deborah "Debbie" Purdue

Debbie is a former freelance newspaper journalist who minored in piano music performance in college. She now serves as volunteer choir director at her church in Westland, Michigan, as well as church and parochial school keyboardist.







Peggy Wooden

Peggy Wooden

Peggy is an "unreconstructed" hippie folksinger/guitar player who has a fondness for all types of "old" music. Her grandparents sang gospel and barbershop music and her mother was very active in the Sweet Adelines. Her favorite thing to sing is harmony and she has been told she could harmonize before she could talk! She now lives on a farm in Missouri with her husband Rick who is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Since most music today is purchased online in MP3 format, for your convenience we have made that possible.  Unlike iTunes and other sites, our songs can be purchased for only 50 cents each.  Clicking on the "See Inside" buttons below will take you to the "Companion Page" for each CD.  You'll then be given the choice of purchasing in MP3 format or having us make and send you the actual CD.

Lost Verses

Irving Berlin, Vol. 1

See inside

Irving Berlin, Vol.2

Great War, Vol 1

Great War, Vol 2

Berlin, Great War


E. T. Paull


E.T. Paull - Piano march Extravaganza. 
E.T. Paull as been characterized on our site as "America's Other March King" (Sousa being the main one).  From around 18978 to 1920, Paull wrote numerous marches for piano that captivated the attention and spirit of Americans.  His works were marked by some of the greatest sheet music cover art ever seen and, today, command some of the highest prices as collectors items.  His works were quite popular and sold well.  Many were used as teaching pieces, much to the dismay of many a student.  However, once mastered, his works took their place with players and students as favorites.  Harken back to a century ago when Paull's marches reigned supreme! A fabulous CD that includes full PDF printable scores of all the works! Even if you don't like our music, getting 14 E.T. Paull printable scores at less than $2.00 each makes this a bargain. Improved sound and playing make this CD one of our best.: MP3 download only $8

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Special Instructions (if any)


Ragtime Piano Masterpieces

From around 1898, when Scott Joplin's first rags were published, until the early 1920's, Ragtime music was a craze that took the nation by storm.  A unique American musical form based on African rhythms, Ragtime became perhaps the most popular form of music during that period.  After the 1920's, Ragtime faded from the musical scene and was not revived until the 1970's, when Joplin's music was featured in the motion picture, "The Sting".  Since that time, Ragtime has maintained a prominent place in American musical performance.  We are proud to bring you these rare works from our collection as a part of our effort to preserve American popular music. This CD includes a full set of the sheet music covers and score images in Adobe Acrobat format. Cd is in the "CD-Extra" format that allows data and music to be combined on the CD. Only $12 - Free shipping to US only. MP3 download only $8

Special Instructions (if any)
Special Instructions (if any)


Ragtime Piano, Volume 2

The second CD in our salute to Ragtime.  Although Ragtime was a revolutionary music style within the music community itself, in the popular culture it was frowned upon to a large extent.  First, it was very hard to play.  That meant that Mom and Grandma couldn't play it easily on the parlor piano.  And, since most rags were written without lyrics, the family couldn't sing them.  It would take 10-12 years for composers to take the syncopation of Ragtime and fashion it into popular songs. A follow-up to our first Ragtime CD including full PDF printable scores of all the songs! Even if you don;t like our music, getting 14 printable scores at less than $1.00 each makes this a bargain. Improved sound and playing make this CD one of our best. Only $12 - Free shipping to US only. MP3 download only $8

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Special Instructions (if any)

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