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Sheet Music Reproductions
We know that many of you are musicians and want to play this wonderful old music yourself for your friends and family, or just for your own enjoyment. Of course, all of the music featured at parlorsongs is long out of print. To aquire this music is difficult, but now's reprint service makes it easy to get high quality reproductions. We create facsimiles (not photocopies, we call them reprints) of any of the public domain non-copyright material from our collection. We typeset them using a professional music notation program and print them on a high quality large format printer (or make them available as a PDF you can print.). We do not sell the originals from our collection. The cost of the hard copy is $7 (includes domestic US shipping, for international shipments contact us) or for the PDF, $5. The hard copy comes in a full size 8.5" X 11" fold out on glossy heavy (110 lb.) paper which also includes a print of the original cover (on the cover of course) and comes with a small 1/2 size booklet; a study score. We now accept credit cards through Pay Pal but do trust our customers so cash orders are welcomed. We produce the sheet music, ship it to you and if you find it acceptable, you pay us,otherwise you return the material.Email us with your order request and we will get back to you with details.
In case you just can't get enough of us, dress up your pc with our Parlor Songs Academy screen savers.

NEW EDITION! We've created a new screen saver that works with Windows Xp, Vista, as well as Windows 7 so unless you have a Mac (sorry), there's no reason you can't overdose on sheet music covers from ParlorSongs.

Self installing and accessible from your usual Windows display properties window, you can see over 50 of the best covers from our collection while you hear the music. Each image displays while the song's music plays for 30 seconds, then it's on to the next image. Unlike some screen savers, it takes nearly 30 minutes to view all the covers so you don't see quite so much repitition.
Screen Savers
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