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Composer - Arranger - conductor - musician


This article features the works of Gerry Thornton of Ontario, Canada and includes a previously published song arranged by Ms. Thornton at the request of Parlor Songs. The original publication included only the "Scorch" and MIDI versions of the music as written however, to further feature the talents of Ms. Thonton, we have included both MP3 and WAV file versions of an original performance of the song in October, 2010.


Gerry Thornton Gerry Thornton is a composer/lyricist who holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Piano Performance from the University of Toronto. A lifelong musician, Gerry began playing the piano at age 5, after listening to her grandmother and father playing the piano. In her own words, "I used to beg my parents for piano lessons so they sent me to the only teacher who would take me, Mrs. Catherine Lee. Afterwards, when I became confident enough, I would accompany dad while he played all his old favourites on his trumpet"


Her postgraduate studies took place at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto where she continued with Composition and Theory, and in the Czech Republic where she studied Symphonic Conducting for four summers in the 1990’s. Gerry has composed and arranged music for theatre, choir, instrumental ensembles, and radio commercials. Her violin pieces appear in the Royal of Conservatory of Music syllabus and have been performed throughout Canada by students participating in the RCMT examinations program. Most recently, her work for choir and string quartet was performed by the Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus in Germany and Holland during their European tour. Gerry lives with her husband and three children in Toronto, Canada. And she still treasures the gold medal that her great-grandmother's won in a piano competition.


Rick Reublin, June, 2004 This article first published June, 2004 and this portion republished November, 2010 and is Copyright © 2004 by Richard A. Reublin, Gerry Thornton and The Parlor Songs Academy. Text, images or music may not be reproduced in part or in total without express written permission of the author.


Nobody Told Me

ca. 1990

Music by: Lucy Reublin
Lyrics by: Reublin
Arranged by and additional lyrics: Gerry Thornton
Cover created by: R. Reublin


And though many marriages last till death, some matches are made in heaven and seem to go on forever. Such was the case with my own parents who enjoyed sixty two years of marriage before my mother passed away last year. For the final song of this feature, I want to share with you a previously unpublished work by my mother who recently passed away at age 90. Mom wrote this song to my father as a testimony of her love to him and their long lasting marriage. The manuscript is undated but as best we could determine, it was probably written on the occasion of their fiftieth wedding anniversary. We found the manuscript while looking through her music after she passed away. The original manuscript was found in September, 2003 and initially published to family members shortly thereafter.


Unheard by most of us in the family, this is a wonderful love song. The original only had the melody and chord notation and difficult to read lyrics. I engaged the assistance of Gerry Thornton, a musician, writer and arranger in Canada to help define the lyrics and to arrange the song for publication and performance by others. Ms. Thornton's arrangement is wonderful and brings out the loving nature of the lyrics and melody. The result is the beautiful arrangement provided on this sheet music. The cover for the sheet music was produced using a circa 1938 color photo of the composer. I'm providing the song as a final testament to the beauty of a marriage that is full of love, sharing and that was an example for all to follow. I've never seen two people so dedicated to each other and for whom even death has not meant separation. I do want to remind you that as a newly published song, this work is in copyright and you may not copy it, copy or republish the lyrics or publish the MIDI file in any form without permission. Unlike all the other songs we publish, this one is not in the public domain. Our family appreciates your respect of my mother's musical legacy and the hard work of Gerry Thornton in the production of this song.


Lucy C. Reublin (1912 - 2003) From an early age Lucy C. Reublin loved music. In grade school, she and her beloved sister Edna played piano and performed in several recitals together. She also played the violin and her original violin is still in playable condition, having been restored and now played by son Richard. In about 1955, Lucy began playing the organ and thus began a family tradition of beautiful music in our home. For nearly 50 years, Mom shared with us the joy of music. Her music gave her hours of pleasure and gave the rest of us an appreciation of music that has lasted a lifetime. Her gift of music to us is one that will never die.



Listen to this wonderful original song (Scorch format)

Listen to MIDI version (This song is not in the public domain and may not be republished without permission of the copyright holders)


This article written and © by Richard A. Reublin and The Parlor Songs Academy, November, 2010

This article first published as a part of our June, 2004 feature article and this portion republished November, 2010 and is Copyright © 2004 by Richard A. Reublin and The Parlor Songs Academy. Text, images or music may not be reproduced in part or in total without express written permission of the author. Though the songs published on this site are often in the Public Domain, MIDI renditions are protected by copyright as recorded performances.

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