June, 1998 Edition
The Music of E.T. Paull

This month, we are featuring the music and covers of the great E.T. Paull. Paull flourished from the late 1800's to the early 1900's as the premiere composer, arranger, cover artist and publisher of some of the most stunning music covers ever published. The samples we have in our collection are exemplary of Paull's work and in viewing them, you can see why these covers command the highest prices of all collectable covers. Some of these here are valued at over $100. Paull's music seems to be of only incidental importance to his covers. Unfortunately, though the music is interesting, you can see from our samples that it was rather predictable.

Sheet Music Cover A Signal From Mars
Music by: Raymond Taylor
Arranged by: E.T. Paull
Cover artist: E.T. Paull

The cover of this song is one that fascinates. We know that the exploration of space and Mars has gotten a lot of attention these last few years but what many do not realize is that the fascination with Mars goes back many centuries. The appearance of canal-like features has always stimulated the mind of man as to the possibility of life on Mars. Here, in 1901, Paull converts that fascination to music with one of his typically long and rousing marches.

Hear this great Paull march.

Sheet Music Cover The Chariot Race, or
The Ben Hur March

Music by: E.T. Paull
Cover Artist: E.T. Paull

This is one of Paull's own original works. Many of his published works were arrangements of other composers work, as in the case of the March Victorious and Signal From Mars featured here. When we think of "Ben Hur", the 1959 movie of the same name starring Charleton Heston is what comes to mind for most of us. However, the actual story was first published in 1880 by general Lew Wallace and was a mega-hit at the time. The story was made into a movie way back in 1925 for the first time. That original movie has a chariot race scene that rivals the 1959 film's race. This song evokes the excitement, tragedy and victory of the famed chariot race scene.

Listen to The Chariot Race

Sheet Music Cover March Victorious
Music by: Elizabeth G. Black
Arranged by: E.T. Paull
Cover artist: E.T. Paull

With Memorial Day just past us, this song is also a timely reminder of the great victory gained for us all in WWI. This march celebrates the allied victory and more specifically, the U.S. involvement. The cover is glorious in its colors and with Miss. Liberty proclaiming victory.

Hear this rare song now.

Sheet Music Cover
The Burning of Rome
Music by: E.T. Paull
Cover artist: E.T. Paull

Apparently E.T. Paull was feeling mortal when he wrote this epic march as he has a lengthy "explanitory" on the inside cover that states it is the "culmination of his best efforts" and represents his "magnum opus". I have included a thumbnail of the explanitory and if you click on it after you start the music, you can read for yourself what the composer had to say about this work as you listen to it. The work is a programmatic one and the musical themes all represent various episodes of the burning of Rome so reading the explanitory is highly reccomended.

Sheet Music Cover Enjoy the music, listen now.
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