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The Parlor Songs Collection

This is the October Edition of The Parlor Songs Collection

The amazing collection of popular and classical sheet music
from the 1800's to the 1940's and beyond.

The Featured Covers For October:

Romping Galop


Music by: W.P. Fenimore, cover artist unknown.

This beautiful cover is a lithograph with hand painted highlights. The cover is from a selection of six children's pieces. As you will see (or hear), the piece is rather simple but a pleasant tune.

Hear the music now!

Dear Heart


Music by: W.C Polla, Lyrics by: Jean LeFavre

This cover is one that to me epitomizes the incredibly beautiful art of sheet music covers. The hauntingly beautiful face of this unknown woman stays with you. The colors are vibrant and the face so realistic you swear she is alive. Though the artist is not specifically identified on the sheet music, we know this work is by Rolf Armstrong. Armstrong was one of the most popular artists of his generation, Armstrong worked exclusively in pastels from live models. Listed in the Sheet Music Reference and Price Guide as valued at $10, I wouldn't take anything for it.

Listen to the song in my MIDI version

Blue Jeans


Music by Lou Traveller & Lyrics by Harry D. Kerr, Cover artist C.H. Trotter

This is a song from a period when music was changing from a "sweet" style to the more raucus fox-trot style of the Roaring 20s. The cover is a nice piece of art, valued at around $10. I have heard better songs from the collection, but this one is pretty ok for the period.

Hear "Blue Jean" now!

Carolina Mammy


Music and Lyrics by: Billy James

This is one of those timeless pieces made famous by the great Al Jolson. This song was written for Jolson and was premiered by him in the stage production "Bombo". This period saw a great deal of "blackface music". Much of the music is excellent but in light of today's society. much of it shows embarassing sterotyping through the lyrics. The photo is of the great "Aunt Jemima".

Enjoy the music, click here==>.

Under The Moon (Yoo-oo-oo-oo)


Music and Lyrics by: Ev. E. Lyn, Francis Wheeler and Ted Snyder

This 20's fox-trot song is a real hoot! The owl like strain of Yoo-oo-oo-oo is really funny. In fact, the lyrics of most of the songs from the twenties are really funny to read (and sing). The song here is one of the many good ones from the collection and is fun to listen to.

Listen to this great twenties song.

Other covers from the collection. All New for October!
click on any cover to hear the music

I Don't Mind
Being All Alone

Don't Be Like That.

Angel Child

Venetian Moon

Bam Bam Bamy Shore

Down In Tennessee

Danger! In Your Eyes

If I Had A Girl
Like You