In Search Of American Popular Song

At ParlorSongs, we are vitally interested in recreating not only the popular music of America but also a site that presents you with real history and information about the origins of American popular song. To accomplish that, we have published a series of articles about aspects of American popular song that help us understand the history and origins of the music that is uniquely our own. We add to these articles monthly (usually) and over time, we hope to provide a complete survey of many aspects of our music that can only be found here at ParlorSongs. In addition to our "in search of series", we also are building a library of comprehensive biographies of some of the people who made American music what it was during the golden age of song. All of the biographies and articles (we call them essays) include musical examples and cover images where appropriate so you can also enjoy the best of ParlorSongs music as you read.

This directory provides you with a quick listing of all of our "In Search Of" articles and a listing of the major biographies prepared thus far. We hope you find the articles interesting and enjoyable.

In Search Of Popular Song


The Dead Zone of American Music;

explore the early origins of American popular music and look at an era in the late 19th century when the music seemed to die

Carrie Jacobs-Bond;

read about the life story and the music of America's first million selling woman composer, a story of tragedy and determination.

Tin Pan Alley;

a look at the history of the music publishing business with a focus on the Tin Pan Alley era in New York. Discover the origins of "Tin Pan Alley."

E.H. Pfeiffer;

read the life history of one of American popular song's greatest illustrators. See examples of his finest works.

Collecting Sheet Music; a guide for finding, valuing and collecting antique sheet music. If you are into collecting sheet music, this is the best on-line guide you will find. Anna Priscilla Risher; read about one of America's "lost" woman composers, coming in May of 2001
Native American Music; read about native American music and instruments, explore the effect of native music on popular music; hear actual native American music as documented by early American musicologists. E.T. Paull; a look at one of the early 20th century march composers whose work and publications were a phenomenon and whose works today command some of the highest collector prices. coming mid 2001
Cowboy Music; discover the true origins of "Cowboy" music and western music and its effect on American popular song.  
European Popular Music; explore European popular music during the golden age of song and discover how it affected American music and vice versa.  

The Music of World War One a look at the unique American music to come out of the great war, an in-depth three part series.
1. American Music Goes To War
2. "Over There"
3. Coming Home

Music in Advertising; a look at music and its use in and as a form of advertising, also look at "vanity music", music written for and about companies.  
Ragtime; a look at what constitutes Ragtime music and a little bit of history of the genre..  
Digital Preservation and Restoration of Music Manuscripts; a look at how manuscripts are restored and preserved using today's scanning and digital technology.  
The Blues; discover the origins of the blues and hear some of the early blues music from some of the greatest early blues composers.  
Songs of The Sea, Sea Shanties; a look at work songs and in particular, the sea shanty (chanty) which flourished from 1815 to ca. 1880. Hear some original and charming shanties from the early 19th century.  
We hope you find these articles interesting and stimulation, come back often to see the new additions to our library of articles.