Won't You Come Back To Me
Lyric and Music by George M. Cohan
Published 1922 by M. Whitmark & Sons

[Verse 1]
I'm sorry, awfully sorry, terribly sorry and blue,
I want to come back to you, No other girlie will do.
Oh, baby I think hat maybe, You're just a bit sorry too;
Send the key, let me in again,

Honey bee, let's begin again
Where we left off the old romance.
I'll give you my heart,
If you'll give me the chance;

Come back to me, Come on and come back to me,
Let's forget, Let's forgive, Let's love, let's live,
Let's get together again in harmony,

I want to come back, I do,
I want to come back to you,
Come on and come back,
I want to come back to you,
Won't you come back to me!

[Verse 2]
I'm lonely, awfully lonely, Lonely but only for you,
What in the world will I do, If you decide that we're through?
Oh, dearie, I have a theory How to be happy and true;

Telephone, won't you ring the bell?
Telephone, tell me all is well.
I will swear by the stars above,
I'll give you my life If you'll give me your love.

[Repeat Chorus]