The Warmest Baby In The Bunch
Words and Music by George M. Cohan
Published 1897 by George L. Spaulding

[Verse 1]
You're well acquainted with the Highborn lady,
You might have heard of Hot Tamale Sal,
But there's a wench that makes them all look shady,
You've got to take your hat off to dis gal,

You'll all be dazzled when you see dis member,
You'll think that you've been drinking nigger punch,
The steam comes from her shoes in cold December,
For she's the warmest baby in the bunch.

When they see her coming, all dem wenches take a chill,
Diamonds glist'nin' all around and style enough to kill,
Her steady feller broke a crap game, Down in Louisville,
And buys her chicken ev'ry day for lunch.

"Come Seben!" Dreamy eyes that sparkle
and she rolls them mighty cute,
Colored gemmen say that lady cert'ny is a "beaut,"
"Go broke," dat she's a hot potater She's a red hot radiator,
She's the warmest baby in the bunch.

[Verse 2]
The coons they all acknowledge she's a wizard,
You'll cremate if around this gal you fool,
Last January when we had a blizzard,
She had to fan herself to take it cool,

The pol'cy shops are broken by this hummer,
She's luckier than a nigger with a hunch,
She leads a life of everlasting summer,
For she's the warmest baby in the bunch.

[Repeat Chorus]