Words and Music by: SHELTON BROOKS
Published 1916 by Will Rossiter.

[Verse 1.]
Now listen honey 'bout a new dance craze;
Been 'rigimated for about ten days.
It's there, "It's a Bear" And it's a new step,
a funny twostep,

In ev'ry Cabaret and dancing hall,
You see them doing it, yes, one and all,
If you'll just give me a chance,
I'll introduce this dance.

Get 'way back, and snap your fingers,
get over Sally, one and all,
Grab your gal, and don't you linger
Do that slow drag 'round the hall.

Do that step, the "Texas Tommy" drop,
Like you're sitting on a log,
Rise slow, that will show,
The dance called Walkin' the Dog. .

[Verse 2.]
You all were crazy 'bout the "Bunny Hug,"
"Most ev'rybody was a "Tango Bug."
But now, and somehow;
The funny Dog walk, is all the town talk,

In ev'ry private home this dance is known,
I cslled a friend of mine up on the 'phone,
Hearing on this graphophone:
This "Doggone" raggy tone.