Venus, My Shining Love
Words and Music by George M. Cohan
Published 1894 by Spaulding & Gray

[Verse 1]
Most ev'ryone has a sweetheart,
With beautiful eyes, that shine,
I'm not acquainted with your love,
But you're well acquainted with mine:

Excelling all other ladies,
Fairer than any by far.
You must admit that the brightest of all,
Is Venus, my shining star.

Venus, beautiful Venus, how bright you shine,
None shall e'er come between us, Sweet Venus, mine!
None, as bright as my darling, so far up above,
Venus, My beautiful Venus,My shining love.

[Verse 2]
Some say, true love ne'er runs smoothly,
But with them I disagree,
Not a cross word has been uttered,
'Twixt Venus my loved one, and me:

Leading my star to the altar,
Was my most beautiful dream,
When I compare her with Saturn or Mars,
Like darkness to her, they seem.

[Repeat Chorus]