So Long Mary
Words and Music by George M. Cohan
Published 1905 by F. A. Mills

[Verse 1]
"It's awf'ly nice of all you girls to see me to the train."
"So long, Mary."
"I didn't think you'd care if you should ne'er see me again."
"You're wrong, Mary."

"This reminds me of my family,
On the day I left Schenectady,
To the depot then they came with me
I seem to hear them say:"

"So long, Mary; Mary, we will miss you so.
So long, Mary, How we hate to see you go;
And we'll all be longing for you,
Mary, While you roam;

So long, Mary,
don't forget to come back home.

[Verse 2]
"It's awf'ly kind of all you boys to see me off today."
"So long, Mary."
"I didn't think you'd care if I should either go or stay."
"You're wrong, Mary."

"Yes, I'm going to other lands to dwell,
Auf'ly nice of you to wish me well;
Hardly thought a soul in New Rochelle
would even come to say:"

[Repeat Chorus]