Where The Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way
Music by Charles Avril
Words by C. H. Scoggins
Published 1901 by C.H. Scoggins and Charles Avril

[Verse 1]
The twi-light soft-ly gath-ers 'round my home a-mong the hills,
And all na-ture soon will set-tle down to rest,
While I sit and sad-ly pon-der and my heart with long-ing fills,
As I of-ten think of one that I loved best;

We were wed-ded in the June-time, and our hearts then knew no pain,
Fair na-ture seemed to smile on us that day;
Now she sleeps be-neath the li-lacs and she'll ne'er come back a-gain,
Where the sil-v'ry Col-o-ra-do wends its way.

There's a sob on ev-'ry breeze, And a sigh comes from the trees,
And the mead-ow-lark now croons a sad-der lay,
For the sun-light plays no more 'round my cheer-less cab-in door,
Where the sil-v'ry Col-o-ra-do wends its way.

[Verse 2]
The sil-v'ry snow is gleam-ing on yon dis-tant moun-tain side,
Where we of-ten used to wan-der, Nell and I,
And the birds are gai-ly sing-ing in the val-ley far be-low,
Where I long some day to lay me down and die;

Then our lives were gay and hap-py, In the shad-ow of the hills,
My heart beat fond-er for her day by day;
And I feel her pres-ence near me as I sit a-lone to-night,
Where the sil-v'ry Col-o-ra-do wends its way.

[Repeat Chorus]