Our Delaware
Music by Will. M. S. Brown
Words by Charles B. Hynson
Published 1906 by Brown and Edwards Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Oh the hills of dear New Cas-tle,
and the smil-ing vales be-tween,
When the corn is all in tas-sel,
And the mead-ow-lands are green;

Where the cat-tle crop the clo-ver,
And its breath is in the air,
While the sun is shin-ing o-ver
Our be-lov-ed Del-a-ware.

Oh, our Del-a-ware! Our be-lov-ed Del-a-ware!
For the sun is shin-ing o-ver our be-lov-ed Del-a-ware.
Oh! our Del-a-ware! our be-lov-ed Del-a-ware!
Here's the loy-al son that pledg-es,
Faith to good old Del-a-ware.

[Verse 2]
Where the wheat fields break and bil-low,
In the peace-ful land of Kent,
Where the toil-er seeks his pil-low,
With the bless-ings of con-tent;

Where the bloom that tints the peach-es,
Cheeks of mer-ry maid-ens share
And the wood-land chor-us preach-es
A re-joice-ing Del-a-ware.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Dear old Sus-sex vis-ions lin-ger,
Of the hol-ly and the pine,
Of Hen-lo-pens Jew-eled fing-er,
Flash-ing out a-cross the brine;

Of the gar-dens and the hed-ges,
And the wel-come wait-ing there,
For the loy-al son that pledg-es
Faith to good old Del-a-ware.

[Repeat Chorus]