An Indian Serenade.
Music by T. Jay Flanigan
Lyric by J. Wesley Ossman
Published 1909 by Ossman & Flanigan

[Verse 1]
Once there lived an Indian maid, Jennatah,
Loved the chieftain of her tribe, Ottawah,
And she'd feel so happy when he'd say:
"I love one and only one, and that is you,

Tell me pretty Indian maid will you be true,
Will you be my little Indian bride?"
Then he turned and softly she replied:

"I love you, I'll be true,
I will be your lady love and little Indian bride,
Ottawah, Ottawah,
If you'll go with me to Ottawah."

[Verse 2]
Then this little Indian pair, went away,
They had gone to Ottawa, there to stay,
And they lived as happy as could be.

Ev'ry day away they'd wander hand in hand,
Roaming through the wildwoods of their native land,
Thinking of the happy days gone by,
And the time she murmured with a sigh.