On Miami Shore
(Golden Sands Of Miami)
Music by Victor Jacobi
Words by William Le Baron
Published 1919 by Chappell & Co.

[Verse 1]
Down on the shore of Mi-a-mi,
Lit by the moon a-bove.
Kissed by the waves that are sigh-ing,
Won-der-ful stor-ies of love,

How can a fel-low re-sist them?
Of-ten I tried in vain,
There is a lure in Mi-a-mi,
A pow'r that I can't ex-plain:

On the gold-en sands of old Mi-a-mi shore,
There I al-ways find a girl whom I a-dore,
Ev-'ry year it seems to hap-pen o'er and o'er,
On the gold-en sands where love com-mands
Mi-a-mi shore.

[Verse 2]
When I am far from Mi-a-mi,
Far from it's gold-en sands.
Still there is some-thing that lures me,
Some-thing no man un-der-stands,

Is it the whis-per-ing palm-trees,
Off-'ring their grate-ful shade!
Is it the sil-ver-y moon-light
Or is it per-haps a maid?

[Repeat Chorus]