There's Only One Little Girl
Words and Music by George M. Cohan
Published 1916 by Wm. Jerome Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
There's an old time song I know,
That I heard long years ago,
There's only one girl,
That's the song, I love it so.

I never could forget that song,
It's traveled with me right along,
There's only one girl,
In my heart it goes ding, dong,

I never knew how really true T
hat little song could be to me,
Until a girl came with a whirl
and captured all my sympathy.

The other night I sat up rather late,
And brought that old time ditty up to date,

There's only One little girl,
Beneath the sun, little girl,
I've never fallen for anyone girlie before,
And I'll bet that I've met a million or more,

There's only One little girl,
Look what you've done little girl, just see.
You've turned my life into a Shakespeare show,
You've got me acting like a Romeo,

And it's breaking my heart,
While I'm playing the part Because it's all reality,
There's only one girl,
One little girl for me.

[Verse 2]
As a boy I sure was strong,
For that good old fashioned song,
There's only one girl,
I could sing it all day long.

Oh, how I loved that melody,
It was an awful hit with me,
There's only one girl,
In my mind 'twill ever be.

The song we know may come and go,
Those little ditties of the street,
Since days of yore, since ninetyfour,
No other song has been so sweet.

The other night while sitting all alone
I wrote this little version of my own,

[Repeat Chorus]