Monkey Doodle Dandy
Music by Harry Frantzen
Words by Jack Drislane
Original Publication and Copyright MCMIX by F.B. Haviland Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
It was Leap Year in Mon-key Land, And in a tree so high,
There lived the King of monk-ey clans, Batch'-lor so ver-y shy,
Un-til a maid-en came, anx-ious to change her name,
Who smiled a smile of love, She sim-ply rolled her rogu-ish eyes,
And sang to him a-bove.

Monk-ey Doo-dle, Doo-dle Dan-dy
That's a ver-y fun-ny name
Some-day it may come in han-dy,
You look lone-some it's a shame

If you think I'm all the can-dy
Then I'll tell you what to do,
Just hand me all your boo-dle,
Now don't go off your noo-dle,
And I'll be your monk-ey doo-dle do.

[Verse 2]
She swung up to the tree tops tall, They mar-ried right a-way,
Soon all the monks be-gan to call, To cel-e-brate the day,
He was their monk-ey king so they all came to sing,
And have a jub-i-lee, Knock-o the monk when he o-bliged,
Sang loud with monk-ey glee.

[Repeat chorus]