That Monkey Tune
Words and Music by Irving Berlin
Published 1911 by Ted Snyder Co.

[Verse 1]
Down in a sun-ny jun-gle town where the mon-keys run a-round
Lived a cra-zy lit-tle mon-key who loved to sing
A chim-pan-zee in a co-coa-nut-ty tree Heard his nut-ty mel-o-dy,
she Fell in love with his sing-ing, From the branch-es a-cling-ing,
She'd pitch her voice in a mon-key key And yell with all her might.

Sing that mon-key tune You mon-key loon
Don't dare to stop, hur-ry up, hur-ry up,
I want to hear that strain so queer
Be-cause I'm cra-zy a-bout that mon-key tune.

[Verse 2]
She kept a-shout-ing from the tree, For his nut-ty mel-o-dy
Till the cra-zy lit-tle mon-key looked up and said,
"I want to spoon 'neath the mon-key hon-ey moon
To the nut-ty wed-ding tune, soon,"
Mis-ter and Mis-ses Mon-key, Pitched their voi-ces in one key,
And now they can't get a wink of sleep, The ba-by yells all night.

[Repeat Chorus]